How to Enable Noise Canceling on Bose Headphones

In this article, I would be giving you details on how to Enable Noise Canceling on Bose Headphones. Diving deep into your songs or making a phone call when you are out and at work or commuting is rarely pleasant and distraction-free.

How to Enable Noise Canceling on Bose Headphones

Your listening experience can be disrupted by sounds from people or things around you and sometimes it is not fun. Sometimes increasing the volume till you hear nothing can help, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable for you. And this is why noise cancellation is very vital.

Noise Canceling on Bose Headphones

Basically, headphones that have noise cancellation in them make use of an array of microphones to capture the noise waves and feed your ears using the exact opposite of that wave, and it takes out the noise quite well.

Using noise cancellation, you wouldn’t have to increase your volume to an uncomfortable level. But, you would not want to be totally left out of the world entirely. Some sounds that you would not like to erase, say the commuter train announces your stop. You can enter the Bose Noise canceling headphones; they would allow you to enable noise cancellation without enveloping you in an audio cocoon.

How Bose Noise Cancellation works

Bose headphones offer supports for multiple noise cancellation levels. You get to set the active noise cancellation high in other for you to tune out all of the White noise and the ambient sounds for a clean listening experience. Or, tone it down to allow some of the sounds and voices to come out.

Bose is offering about 11 levels of noise cancellation for much newer models. You also get to select the level that suits you or your surroundings making use of the Bose companion app or using the button for noise cancellation button. The fine, granular control comes right in the shape of a slider for the much newer Bose headphones. But even the much older models are offering two basic presets: high and low.

Some of the Bose headphones happen to carry the Aware or the conversation mode. If you push down the Aware mode, you should be able to listen to the Outside sounds and voices without having to take off the headphones. The Noise cancellation feature also works with the mics of the headphone mics, so when you are making a call, the receivers also would only hear your voice, and not the ambient sounds that are coming from your surroundings.

Setting the Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation Mode

You should be able to set the noise cancellation on your headphone to higher or lower. This is very useful in environments where you would want to listen to more or less of the sound around you.

Select a Noise Cancellation Setting in the Bose Connect App

Right after you turn on your headphones, you should be able to turn down the noise cancellation or switch it off using the Bose Connect app. When your headphones is powered off and back on, they would go back to offering maximum noise cancellation.

  • On the Bose Connect app, tap on the “Settings” icon to view your product settings. If you are making use of more than one Bose Bluetooth Device, swipe left or right to locate the device, after that, tap “Settings”
  • Tap on “Noise Cancellation”
  • Then, select a noise cancellation mode:
  1. High: World-class noise cancellation using Bose-optimized audio
  2. Low: Noise cancellation fine-tuned for audio listening in a quieter or a windy environment
  3. Off: entirely disable the noise cancellation

Whenever you power off your headphones, the Noise cancellation level would be reverted back to the default level. You can choose to toggle the “Remember my last Setting” switch to keep that from happening.


Why Are My Bose Headphones Not Noise Cancelling?

You can make use of the Bose Connect app to check that the noise cancellation mode is not set to Low or Off. Your product comes with a selectable noise-cancellation mode (High, Low, or Off). These can be adjusted using the Bose connect app. Make sure that the noise cancellation mode has not been set lower or turned off.

How do I Turn on Noise Cancelling Audio?

While you are putting on your AirPods Max or both AirPods, Touch and hold the volume slider till you see the additional controls. Tap the Noise Control located in the Lower-Left Corner. Tap on Noise Cancellation, transparency, or off.

Why is my Noise Cancellation Not Working?

Sometimes, the active noise cancellation can be affected if debris or earwax builds up on the device. This is usually not good for the device.

How Does Noise-Cancelling Function Work?

Noise Cancelling headphones monitor the sound that is around you, preventing unwanted sounds from getting to your ears. Miniature microphones that are in the earcups or earbuds listen to the Outside noise frequencies and emit the exact opposite signal in other to effectively “Cancel out” both sets of sounds when the soundwaves collide.

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