Overwatch Cross-Play is live – How to Get Overwatch Cross-play on Console

Overwatch cross-play is now live. just as announced at the beginning of the month, Cross-Play on Overwatch has arrived. Cross-play allows players to not only group and finds matches as a team regardless of platform, but it allows them to do that with players on PC (Some restrictions included). Cross-Play would be launching the beta today, but it would be available to everybody that wants to sign up for it.

Overwatch Cross-Play is live

Overwatch Cross-Play is live

Cross-Play would be made available on all platforms that overwatch itself is available on: which includes:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PlayStation 4, and
  • PlayStation 5.

But unfortunately, as the blizzard announced at the starting of the month, cross-play would be arriving without cross-progression, which means that if you are playing Overwatch on tons of platforms, you would not be able to sync content, unlocks, and account progression between the two platforms.

How to Get Overwatch Cross-play on Console

If you are making use of a console, you would be required to take some steps right before you would be able to cross-play on your console.

  • Specifically, you are required to head to battle.net and create an account.
  • After your account has been created, you would want to head into “Account settings”
  • Then choose “Connections” in other to get your console linked to your account.
  • After that has been done, you would be required to boot up Overwatch and head to the welcome screen, where you would be presented with either an alpha-numeric code or a QR code.
  • Just follow the instructions for entering the code and then login using your Battle.net Account to finish linking your console game right to your account.

And with this, you should be set to go, of course, the PC players do not have to do any of this all those that are on the PC require the Battle.net account to Play overwatch in the first place.

Overwatch Cross-Play Award

To serve as a reminder, everyone that logs right into Overwatch between now and the end of the year would receive the golden loot box to celebrate the arrival of cross-play. Blizzard has also placed together an extensive FAQ concerning the cross-play, so remember to check that out if you have any questions concerning what cross-play means to you as a player of Overwatch.


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