Overwatch 2 Early Access Released Date

The Overwatch 2 Early Access release date was revealed alongside a free-to-play twist. Recently, the trailer which was shown at the Xbox and Bethesda’s 2022 Games showcase, revealed the sequel to Blizzard’s hit 2016 team-based shooter would be arriving this fall, and it would feature a new character, and potentially could cost players absolutely nothing.

Overwatch 2 Early Access Released Date

Overwatch 2 Early Access Released Date

The original “overwatch,” that was available for the Xbox One, PC, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch, has dabbled with free-to-play gaming before, usually in the form of free-to-play weekends. The “Overwatch” game is a first-person shooter that is based around teams of heroes, each of whom is in possession of their very own unique abilities.

The title is accommodated by seven different great game modes and a large selection of maps and characters to choose from; the big roster and map selection have been continuously expanded since the game’s initial release.

Ever since it debuts, “Overwatch” has gathered quite the fanbase and ingrained itself in the gaming culture, and this is inspiring a variety of art and fan fiction. Costumes that are based on the game’s characters are also a regular sight at various gatherings and conventions. The popularity of the game is yet to decline either. Dexerto estimates that the game would maintain over 5 million unique players each month, having peaked at over 7 million in 2021.

The Queen of Junkertown

As stated in the trailer, “Overwatch 2” would get released in the early access on October 4, 2022, and it would be operating as a free-to-play game. Nothing was revealed in the trailer concerning how the game would generate revenue, so we would have to wait for the exact details. The information would also be scarce on the platforms “Overwatch 2” will make it to, but the company did not confirm fans would be able to play the game right on their Xbox Series X and S consoles.

Overwatch 2 New Trailer

The highlight of the trailer was arguably the reveal of the latest character, The junker queen, that was briefly seen in junkertowm wielding both a shotgun and a two-handed melee weapon. The junker queen has previously cropped up in the “Overwatch” Lore as the ruler of Junkertown, the ruins of an Australian robot factory. Her Face happens to have appeared on a poster, and she was responsible for exiling two major characters, Roadhog and Junkrat, from her dominion.

Despite only having a brief mention, “Overwatch” Fans have had a strong reaction to the Junker Queen. Kotaku reports that she has inspired art, cosplay, and the occasional wedding proposal. When she decided to make her debut, the Junker Queen would be the 4th playable character that the game would be adding to “Overwatch” Roster after Sojourn, who was revealed back in April.


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