Outlook Is Now Free On Mac with New Features on the Way

Outlook is now free on Mac with new features on the way. This simply means that users will not need Microsoft 365 subscription to make use of the service.

Outlook Is Now Free On Mac with New Features on the Way

Outlook Is Now Free On Mac with New Features on the Way

Reports now claim that outlook is now free for mac users thus meaning that a Microsoft 365 subscription which is formerly known as Microsoft Office will not be necessary to make use of the email app, Microsoft on Monday said in a blog post.

Microsoft additionally said that the new features will be coming to users of mac. And this includes being able to peek at upcoming calendar events and connecting the outlook profile of a person to Apple Focus which is a feature that allows users to customize their notifications.

What Is Outlook

Outlook as you should know is an email, calendar, note-taking, and contact management app that has been in use since 1997. The tool primarily was used as enterprise software, but the company gradually opened it to more mainstream audiences and in the process folded in email messaging from live.com and MSN.

How Windows OS and MacOS Create Software for Each Other

And while Microsoft’s Windows operating system is a significant competitor to apples MacOS, both of the companies do create software for each of their platforms, the enterprise software of Microsoft such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is available to users of mac. Apple’s iTunes is also available on Windows.

Microsoft’s Reaction to the Development

On a request for further comment on the matter, Microsoft did not respond immediately.


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