Best GPS Trackers for Cars

The simplest way to keep an eye on the things you care about is by shopping for the best GPS trackers. Some of these trackers can locate missing items halfway around the world or alert you when the tracker leaves a predetermined zone.

Best GPS Trackers

When used with expensive products in transit, GPS trackers can also act as additional insurance, giving you comfort for your most important shipments. See below for our selections of the top GPS trackers.

Best GPS Trackers

You should think about the tracker’s size and battery life in general. You could want something that can function for several weeks without the need to recharge, depending on what you’re attempting to keep track of.

Your choices for data plans are another thing to take into account. Some have more restrictive alternatives, while others have existing data subscriptions with another carrier.

In this article, our main focus will be the best GPS trackers for cars, dogs, and cats. Read on to explore.

Best GPS Trackers for Cars

For those in search of the best GPS tracker for cars, this part of the article is for you. here are our picks so far to consider:

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

This is one of the most durable, compact, and well-designed GPS trackers to get on the market today. It has a long-lasting battery life that can stay up to two weeks if actively used.

To help preserve battery life, it can also be configured to be motion-activated. The built-in LED lights can be quickly turned off if discretion is a problem, which will further improve battery performance. If you require more security, it even has a built-in magnet for mounting the GPS tracker to a car.

Additionally, it can track movement within the US and also track movement all over the world making it great for tracking shipments overseas for peace of mind.


Spytec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker

Spytec GPS offers the fastest GPS tracking for vehicles, valuables, and equipment using 4G satellite technology. However, the feature lets you customize the update frequency of your trackers, giving you greater control over the battery life and the speed of updates.

This device requires a subscription to our easy-to-use mobile and desktop apps. Activate the device, choose your plan, and start tracking. You can as well control the battery life of the tracker as it can last up to 14 days.


Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

The Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker enables you to keep an eye on the people and possessions that mean the most to you. You can as well watch the route of a loved one’s vehicle to make sure they safely arrive at their destination. Ensure where your company car is, even if you are miles and miles away.

The Waterproof Magnetic Case for the Optimus 2.0 can be easily hidden underneath a car or on any secure metal surface. You can have your tracker hidden and ready to use within minutes. Their App and web browser software is very easy to use and reliable. We are trusted by thousands of customers every day.


Invoxia Real-Time GPS Tracker

Mini GPS tracker for anything, anywhere across the USA. Get up and running quickly via the companion app. Lightweight, small, compact, and concealable.

This car-tracking device can be used with a smartphone. Though goodness e safe from theft and loss but with Invoxia you will have peace of mind. It is perfect for cars, trucks, motorcycles, backpacks, and more. The battery life depends on both the chosen update frequency and the time the tracker spends in motion.

You can as well keep an eye on loved ones and kids with this smart tracker. It is small enough to discreetly hide in any bag or purse.


Best GPS Trackers for Dogs

How can I keep an eye on my dogs? The GPS tracker is here to help you. If you are having more than one dog, this tracker will keep them tracked no matter distance they run to. Here are our top picks so far:

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs

Keep an eye on your dog in real-time 24/7, and keep them fit with this all-in-one dog GPS tracker. Activity monitoring, virtual fences that alert you if your pup leaves a safe space, incredible coverage – it’s all part of the package.

However, it features a mobile app, tech support, and battery life. it is small, lightweight, and 100% waterproof. With the tracker, you will get to know the moment your dog leave and all that.


PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

Petfon GPS tracker is free of any service fee or monthly fee. The small, durable, and rainproof device allows you to track your pet’s activity and pinpoint his/her location in real time. it can be used to find a lost dog. It is easy to install and use. Just download the Petfon app and follow the instructions.

With the Petfon GPS tracker, you can define a safe area around your pet’s location and get notified instantly if your pet leaves that area.


Fi Smart Dog Collar

Keep your dog in the best shape of their life with this Fi smart dog collar.  Fi uses proprietary algorithms to detect when your dog escapes from your backyard. It is the fastest, most accurate way to be notified when your dog escapes and to find your dog after an escape.

Furthermore, it is waterproof so you don’t have to be border about rain or your dog swimming in a pool of water.


Best GPS Trackers for Cats

Hello cat owner, GPS tracker is here again to monitor every of your cat’s moves. We have picked together three of them you can recheck out:

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Cats

Keep an eye on your cat in real-time 24/7, and keep them fit with this all-in-one cat GPS tracker. Activity monitoring, virtual fences that alert you if your cat leaves a safe space, incredible coverage – it’s all part of the package.

With an all-costs-covered subscription, you’ll enjoy unlimited location tracking with your Tractive GPS Cat Tracker. 100% waterproof, and just 1.2 oz, this GPS cat collar is built for your cat’s outdoor adventures.


Tabcat v2 Pet Cat/Kitten Tracker

The world’s most effective cat tracker is now even better. Longer Range, Smaller Tags, and no Monthly subscriptions. Range of up meters.

However, accurate to within 2.5cm. Perfect for cats or kittens. The directional handset will guide you to its exact location.


Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Cats

Tractive GPS Tracker for your cat and other pets, follow your pet at every step. It is easy to get started, started is to get a tractive tracker on the link below, choose a subscription, and lastly download their app for free.

You can set up a virtual fence, track their favorite spots, monitor activity levels, and pinpoint their location with the tractive app.


What to Look for in GPS Trackers

Types of GPS Tracking

Buying a GPS tracker that utilizes a cellular network will probably work just fine if you intend to use it to monitor a car or motorcycle. Nevertheless, if you’re a hiker who likes to venture off the main path or you want to track a boat, you might want to consider a satellite-operated device.


The most significant factor in selecting a standalone GPS tracker is probably how you’ll utilize it. Some trackers are ideal for following children or elderly family members, as well as those made for tracking luggage or pets. Before deciding to purchase a GPS tracker, you should consider how you plan to use it.

Connection Speed

How GPS trackers are tracked is another problem. The majority of them can connect to a smartphone, but how frequently do they offer location updates? Paying more for a device that updates more regularly will ensure that the location is as accurate as possible whether you’re attempting to track down a person or want to be sure your automobile hasn’t been stolen.


How Do You GPS Track A Phone?

Use the Locate My Phone feature that is integrated into both iOS and Android devices if you’ve lost your phone and need to find it. You can pinpoint the location of your missing phone to a particular street or address, provided that you have already configured the capability on your phone. Also, you can remotely lock, lock, and wipe it.

Is there A GPS Tracker With no Monthly Fee?

Several of the GPS trackers in our roundup are free of charge each month. The Yepzon Freedom is one of our favorites because it doesn’t require a contract or subscription. The price of the service, which includes 3G data, is only due when you use it.

How Far Can A GPS Tracker Work?

These GPS tracking devices are advanced and unique and can offer you the exact location of up to 10 meters. However, some high-end devices can offer better precision and are accurate up to 1 meter.

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