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In a time of global connection and increasing awareness of worldwide problems, the One World Media Awards shine as a guiding light. They honor and assist journalists and filmmakers who are dedicated to uncovering important issues across the globe. These awards not only commend exceptional storytelling but also offer funding that enables creators to explore the core of global concerns, presenting influential narratives to the world.

One World Media Awards
One World Media Awards

History and Objectives

The One World Media Awards are globally renowned celebrations of excellence in journalism and filmmaking. From the beginning, their purpose has been visionary and aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and issues through media. These awards believe in the power of media to effect positive change and serve as a springboard for impactful storytelling that can resonate worldwide.

The Significance of One World Media Awards

The One World Media Awards aim to encourage media coverage that fosters understanding and dialogue among diverse cultures and societies. These prestigious awards acknowledge the influential role of media in shaping perceptions, breaking stereotypes, and inspiring positive transformations in the world.

Promoting Media from Developing Countries and Marginalized Communities

The One World Media Awards promote media from developing countries and marginalized communities, aiming to bridge the global media representation gap. They highlight underrepresented narratives and highlight issues that may not receive proper coverage, fostering a more inclusive understanding of global affairs.

Empowering Global Reporting Through Grant

The One World Media Awards offers funding to assist investigative journalism, amplify marginalized voices, and promote innovation. Approved applicants receive financial support for their projects, recognizing the financial challenges of investigative journalism. These awards honor a variety of stories, encouraging journalists to invest their time and resources in uncovering the truth and nurturing a better-informed global community.

Categories of Grant Opportunities

The Awards cover various categories, each aimed at honoring excellence in different aspects of journalism and filmmaking. Noteworthy categories include:

  • Outstanding Documentary: This category commends filmmakers who skillfully capture the essence of global stories, offering audiences a deep and authentic understanding of diverse cultures and important issues.
  • Fresh Perspective: Recognizing emerging talent, the Fresh Perspective category appreciates new voices in the field who bring innovative storytelling techniques and unique viewpoints to global narratives. This award encourages and celebrates those breaking new ground in storytelling.
  • International Journalist of the Year: This category honors individual journalists whose reporting stands out for its thoroughness, insights, and impact on global issues. It often recognizes those who exhibit an unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth and shedding light on underreported stories.
  • News Coverage: Highlighting breaking news stories, this category celebrates journalists who provide timely and captivating coverage of urgent events, offering insights that resonate with audiences worldwide.
  • Special Recognition: Designed to acknowledge exceptional work that may not fit within other categories, this flexible category appreciates projects that push boundaries and make significant contributions to the mission of the One World Media Awards.

Grant Amount and Benefits

The One World Media Awards offer financial support for media projects, including research, travel, and production expenses. There are several benefits to receiving this award, such as gaining recognition, networking opportunities, and a global platform to showcase your work. Awardees will also become part of the One World Media network and gain access to future opportunities. In addition, the award includes a year-long remote support program, a production grant of £1000, mentorship, guidance, workshops, and a network of fellow awardees. The work of the awardees contributes to a more interconnected world.

Application Process

The One World Media Awards grant application process is a structured journey to support impactful global reporting. Here are the main steps to follow:

  • Review Eligibility Criteria: Make sure your project aligns with the focus of the One World Media Awards, which emphasizes narratives from underrepresented regions in developing countries.
  • Prepare Your Submission: Craft a compelling project proposal that highlights the significance and global relevance of your story. Develop a detailed budget plan and gather supporting materials, such as previous work samples.
  • Online Submission: Create an account on the One World Media Awards website and fill out the application form. Upload your project proposal, budget plan, and supporting materials in the specified format and size.
  • Submission Deadline: Stay informed about the submission deadline to avoid missing it.
  • Evaluation and Notification: A panel of experts will evaluate submissions based on criteria like originality and impact. Successful applicants will be notified of their selection and provided with grant details.

Eligibility Criteria

The One World Media Awards grant has specific eligibility criteria for applicants. They are as follows:

  • The proposed media project must focus on developing countries to promote a nuanced understanding of global issues in underrepresented regions.
  • Projects should align with the mission of the One World Media Awards, which is to foster understanding and dialogue between cultures and societies.
  • While there may not be explicit experience requirements, applicants are expected to have a background in journalism, filmmaking, or related fields to effectively communicate their stories.
  • The Awards favor innovative and original approaches to storytelling that go beyond conventional narratives.
  • Applicants should demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical journalism or filmmaking, emphasizing accuracy, integrity, and respect for diverse perspectives.
  • Ethical considerations in reporting, particularly when addressing issues in developing countries, are important.
  • Financial need is considered, as the grant aims to provide support recognizing the resource-intensive nature of impactful reporting.
  • The New Voice category celebrates emerging talent and encourages fresh perspectives in global reporting.
  • A detailed project proposal outlining the scope, objectives, and significance of the media project is required for evaluation.
  • Applicants must comply with the specific guidelines provided by the One World Media Awards for the application process.

Submission Process for One World Media Awards Grant

To apply for the One World Media Awards grant, follow these steps: create an account, fill out the application form with detailed information, provide a clear project proposal, create a budget plan, gather supporting materials, upload all required documents, be aware of the deadline, and submit additional documents if needed. Confirmation may be received, and the review process may take time. To increase chances of success, ensure clarity, follow guidelines, and seek feedback.

Impact Beyond Recognition

The One World Media Awards have a significant impact that goes beyond glamorous ceremonies and recognition. Through grants, these awards empower journalists and filmmakers to amplify their voices and share meaningful stories. These narratives have the power to change perspectives, spark discussions, and bring about positive transformations.


The One World Media Awards offer grants that empower global reporting and contribute to a more inclusive and informed global discourse, making it a valuable opportunity for journalists and media organizations to make a lasting impact in the field of global journalism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main focus of the grants awarded by the One World Media Awards?

Although there is no particular theme, the One World Media Awards prioritize projects that tackle worldwide social, environmental, and political concerns.

Do the One World Media Awards support first-time applicants and up-and-coming journalists?

Certainly. The One World Media Awards celebrate fresh voices and perspectives, inviting submissions from established experts and up-and-coming talents alike.

Is it possible for groups of journalists or organizations to submit applications for the awards?

Absolutely! The One World Media Awards welcome collaborative efforts to build partnerships that amplify storytelling and its impact.



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