Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti Spotted on Galax Site

Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti was spotted on the Galax site, but you however should not get your hopes up. A recent short appearance of the Galax 4090 Ti was a mistake, and we are not expecting this very GPU to be gracing us anytime soon.

Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti Spotted on Galax Site

Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti Spotted on Galax Site

The RTX 4090 Ti by Nvidia shortly popped up on the Galax website, as the manufacturer of the graphics card made a whopper of a mistake before it quickly pulled it down.

And as pointed out by VideoCardz, there was a top banner published for the ‘GeForce RTX 4090 Ti HOF’ graphics card on the homepage of the Galax website, but just as mentioned earlier, this was all a mistake, a blunder addition of the Ti seemingly as clicking the banner led users through to the RTX 4090 HOF page.

Of course, the graphics card does not exist unlike the 4090 Ti and it is a special edition of the RTX 4090 for expert overclockers that are on the lookout for breaking world records as the acronym ‘HOF’ stands for Hall Of Fame edition.

The 4090 HOF in fact already has set records such as a 3.8GHz overclock which was applied by Team OGS. And the banner which at the moment has been corrected marks the global launch of the 4090 HOF which previously was on sale in Asia or supplied directly to overclockers such as OGS in Europe in its pre-release form.


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