Top Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday In Australia

Top Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday in Australia. The Christmas season is indeed one to celebrate, the best time to take your Family on a nice vacation. It has the perfect timing, at the end of the year. This means that you will most likely be on holiday from work or school.

Top Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday in Australia

Take a look at the top places to spend your Christmas Holiday in Australia. Apart from the fact that the country has a very good educational system, the nation of Australia has lots of amazing things to brag about.

Top Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday in Australia

There are lots of places to have a good time, lots of sights to see, lots of amazing restaurants, hotels, resorts, and historical and romantic places for you and your other half.

If It is your first time in Australia, chances are that you will not have ideas on the best places to hang out during Christmas. This is where we come in. This article will give you a brief overview of the top places you can visit in Australia during the Christmas holidays.

Having a vacation in Australia will be fun, but what will make it more fun are the amazing places you can visit.

The Best Places to Spend your Christmas Holidays in Australia

Here are ten of the best places you can spend your Christmas holidays in Australia;

Bondi Beach

There are lots of exciting things you can do in Bondi Beach in Australia. Surfing, making sand castles, grabbing bites at very amazing restaurants, and dancing alongside the bonfires. You can get the perfect holidays you desire on this beach without much stress.

Some fun-packed events happen on this beach such as surf parties during Christmas, Beach restaurants, and hotel activities and competitions.

Sydney Christmas beach holidays

Without any opposition, Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the country of Australia. It is also one of the liveliest places and it is surely one of the best places you can spend your Christmas holidays in Australia.

Bondi beach is located in this location, it hosts an annual Christmas party with lots of stars invited.

There are lots of adventurous places to go such as the Blue Mountains, the Sydney Harbour, etc.

The Gold Coast

This is a perfect place for kids who are out of school and have been longing to go for a holiday. This place is perfect for both old and young people.

There are lots to enjoy in this place, including theme parks and beaches, marine sports, shopping centers, spa retreats Hinterland walks, etc.

This place will not be lonely as lots of families will be visiting this place during the Christmas holidays. It even has its record, being one of the most searched places in the year 2020.

Taronga Zoo

Want to know the best place to go with the kids on your vacation to Australia? The Taronga Zoo is one of those places. It is an extremely famous place for providing a home to more than 4000 native and foreign animals. This will be a very good sight, right?

You will have the opportunity of seeing some of the endangered species such as gorillas, leopards, giraffes, and Australian sea lions. Etc

Luna Park

Luna Park is one of the most famous amusement places you could visit in Australia during Christmas it has lots of thrilling activities and rides for adults and children. Luna Park is a very good place you could visit with your family members

You could have lots of fun at the fun-filled rides namely Dodgem City, Hair Raiser, Ferris Wheel, the Spider, etc. There are Christmas festivals held there also.


This is one of the best low-key locations you can visit during the Christmas holidays. Tasmania is a very warm place and comfortable place during the summer period. It is not a very expensive place to visit too, which makes it a very good place to visit. It has lots of wonderful fun packed activities you would like to be part of.

Lord Howe Island

Do you want a perfect spot for serene and calm Christmas days? This is the right place for you. There are blue lagoons with shorelines having several secret beaches is one of the best places you can visit in Australia.

The old Gulch is a popular fishing spot in Australia that is known for its calm and cold weather during summer.

Yarra River, Melbourne

This is one of the most attractive places you can visit during Christmas. The Yarra River is a very beautiful sight to behold during the Christmas Twilights. At this time, the river banks reflect the Christmas lights bathing the whole City.

Some awesome activities you could do in this place include having a vintage boat ride along the bank of the river. The Moomba festival, where communities gather and celebrate the gleaming sky full of Australian fireworks is also one not to miss.

Want to get the best Christmas vibes, visit this place.

Christmas Square, Melbourne

This Christmas square is a shrine dedicated to the grand celebration of Christmas and it provides the best party vibes in Melbourne. It has unique Christmas lights and a full Fledge tree that is made of Legos. This makes it the central attraction of Christmas in Australia.
the Christmas square has a Santa house that hosts some story-telling, and dance programs during the holiday season. This place also houses the Boho Luxe market in the square in which you can buy souvenirs for Christmas.

Glebe Park

Glebe Park offers one of the best carnival-like surroundings. It has one of the biggest Christmas exhibits in Australia. If you want to get an even better experience, you can even go as early as October in order not to miss any of the events.

Apart from that, there are massive gingerbread decorative houses, live concerts, and musical shows to help light up your Christmas.

There are lots of places to grab some tasty food. Your visit will not be complete if you do not visit the Glebe market which has about 200 stalls selling different handicrafts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Seven Outstanding Christmas Traditions in Australia?

Some of the outstanding Christmas holidays in Australia are;

  • Beach day
  • BBQ Christmas
  • Boxing day
  • Prawns
  • Christmas street parties
  • Carols by candle-lights
  • Christmas lights

Where is Australia Christmas Island Located?

The Australian Christmas Island is Located in the Indian Ocean. This is 1500km west of the Australian mainland and 2600 km from Perth.

Is December a Good Month to Visit Australia?

Of course, it is, the sun is shining, the temperatures soar and the beaches are as beautiful as they can be. Therefore, it is the best time to enjoy the best sights in Australia.

Can You Swim in Australia in December?

According to the temperature of the sun and that of the water during Christmas, anyone can swim during these times.

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