Nvidia RTX 4090 Cable Controversy Continues To Linger

Nvidia RTX 4090 cable controversy continues to linger as the PSU maker is looking to help owners.  Reports claim that Seasonic is purportedly planning a right-angled adapter as many more reported cases of cable melt are aired.

Nvidia RTX 4090 Cable Controversy Continues To Linger

Nvidia RTX 4090 Cable Controversy Continues To Linger

The RTX 4090 graphics cards of Nvidia are now looking to be getting a third-party adapter which is being crafted with a right-angled design from one major power supply manufacturer. This is the case as the card suffers more reports of melting cases.

Unfortunately for Nvidia, there have been two more reported cases of melted adapter cables with the company’s official solution to the problem that hooks the RTX 4090 to an ATX 2.0 power supply as reported by Tom’s Hardware. This is bringing the total of all reported incidents to four now, with the graphics card company already having said that it was investigating the first reported case with got its ears.

What the Problem Really Is

The purported problem is with the 16-pin connector that needs an adapter (4×8-pin to 16-pin) to hook up the RTX 4090 to an ATX 2.0 PSU such as opposed to an ATX 3.0 product which is a model that is new on the scene which is also can directly use the 16-pin connector).

The problem here is that it is really difficult to fit that adapter in many PC cases with it having to be bent around at a very sharp angle. And with the pins not being seated well and properly as a result of the bending has been seen as the most likely culprit for these alarming instances of cables melting.

The Theory behind the Solution

The theory is that having a right-angled power connector, one that fits easily in the PC case without having to be hammed against the side panel or close to it will have to man less strain on the connector, and less likelihood of it not being fitted properly to the 4090 graphics card.

This very solution is what Seasonic is now bringing to the table as seen on Bilibili, a Chinese forum a post that was flagged by HXL on Twitter as per Tom’s Hardware.


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