Nordic Africa Institute African Scholarship Programme 2025 (Allowance of up to USD $290 + Accommodation)

The Nordic Africa Institute has announced the application call for the 2025 African Scholarship Programme. This scholarship program provides recipients with access to the Institute’s library, researcher hosting, networking opportunities, and other tools that support an exciting research environment. Through this scholarship,  African-based early career academics are given the chance to work at the Nordic Africa Institute and further their ongoing research projects.

Nordic Africa Institute African Scholarship Programme

The Nordic Africa Institute carries out research and provides materials to advance knowledge about modern-day Africa. The institute believes that knowledge and analysis derived from research provide a strong foundation for well-informed decisions and help to realize the global development agenda.

Details about the Nordic Africa Institute African Scholarship Programme

The Nordic Africa Institute seeks to establish and foster relationships with the research communities in Africa and the Nordic countries, as well as to help increase capacity in the production of information about Africa, through the African Scholarship Programme.

The duration of the program is a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 90 days. It should be noted that the majority of academic institutions in the Nordic region, such as the Nordic Africa Institute, are closed or operate at a reduced capacity from June 15 to August 15 and from December 15 to January 15. Therefore, applicants are unable to select these times for their visit.

Financial support and other benefits

Recipients of the African Scholarship Programme receive the following financial support and benefits:

  • A return air-fare (economy class);
  • An accommodation
  • An allowance of 40 USD daily plus an installation grant of 250 USD;
  • Recipients will have access to a workspace, including a desk computer, in a shared office at the Institute.
  • The Institute’s library focuses on social sciences and has a specialization in literature on modern Africa. In addition, the libraries of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala University are accessible to guest researchers.
  • Guest researchers can visit other Nordic institutions and present their findings at the Nordic Africa Institute.

Eligibility Requirements

Who can apply for the Nordic Africa Institute African Scholarship Programme 2025?

  • The Nordic Africa Institute African Scholarship Programme targets early career researchers based in Africa and engaged in Africa-oriented research.
  • The research topic must be within the disciplines of Social Sciences and Humanities, and with a focus on contemporary Africa.
  • The research must be relevant to the core principles of the UN Agenda 2030.
  • This programme is open to two main categories of early career researchers: Staff full-time employed by an African-based university or research center currently enrolled on a doctoral programme in the African region and does not have access to an international scholarship
  • Any Postdoctoral researchers (within 5 years or less of PhD completion), are eligible to apply

Nordic Africa Institute African Scholarship 2025 – How to Apply

The application is online, apply through this link

The documents below are required as part of the application:

  • Current CV with a list of publications
  • Research outline of the project (5 pages)
  • A research proposal
  • A one page Work plan which must be specific for the time spent at the Institute, including research objectives and expected results
  • Reference letter duly signed by the applicant’s Head of Department or other senior scholar in the same field.

For more information, please visit the Nordic Africa Institute at

Application Closing Date:

April 10, 2024.

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