NIG Internship 2024 in Japan (Funded) – APPLY NOW

Are you a young scientist? Would you like to explore the world of genetics and life sciences? If yes, look no further than the NIG Internship 2024 in Japan. The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) and Sokendai’s Genetics program offer an exciting opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

NIG Internship 2024 in Japan

The NIG Internship program in Japan is a fully funded research program designed for both undergraduate and graduate students looking to gain hands-on experience in a cutting-edge laboratory setting in Japan.

NIG Internship Overview

The NIGINTERN Program offers a comprehensive research internship with state-of-the-art facilities.

Running from June 13 to July 24, 2024, this fully funded opportunity includes more than just research, as It encompasses scientific communication training, lab visits, and the chance to present findings at the “NIGINTERN Reports Symposium.”

Benefits of Participating in the NIG Internship

  • The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) will cover the rough airfare ticket from the participant’s home country to Japan and from Japan to the participant’s home country.
  • NIG will also cover the Airport Transfer for all successfully selected applicants
  • Provision of accommodation fees, and travel insurance during the program.
  • Living and miscellaneous expenses.

Note: Only the expenses incurred in the designated period will be covered by NIG

Who’s Eligible to Apply for the NIG Internship Program?

Ensure you meet the prerequisites outlined below before submitting your application:

  • The application must be submitted by a pre-final-year student. In the first year of a two-year master’s program, the third year of a four-year bachelor’s degree, the second year of a three-year bachelor’s program, the fourth year of a five-year program, or the fifth year of a six-year program, as examples.
  • The interest in genetics and related life sciences subjects must be demonstrated by applicants.
  • Interested candidates from any nation or nationality can submit their application

NIG Internship 2024 – How to Apply

Application Deadline

As stated earlier, the application deadline for the NIG Internship 2024 is January 9, 2024 (Japan Standard Time, JST).

NIG Internship – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m a third-year student enrolled in a five-year dual degree program. Do I qualify?

Unfortunately, only students who are in their pre-final year at the time of application are eligible to apply.

I’m in my second year in a four-year bachelor’s program, but I’ll be a pre-final-year student throughout the internship term. Do I qualify?

No, you have to be a pre-final-year student at the time of application.

Which nations or ethnicities are qualified?

NIG accepts applications from any nation or nationality.

Can I still apply if my university is outside of the nation where I was born?

The sole requirement is that candidates must be non-Japanese citizens at the time of application.

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