Niantic’s ‘Pikmin Bloom’ has started Rolling out

Niantic’s ‘Pikmin Bloom’ has started Rolling out. Pokémon Go’s creator has a new augmented reality mobile game, and this time, everything’s about Pikmin. Niantic is currently launching out Pikmin Bloom around the world, starting with Singapore and Australia where it’s already live.

Niantic's 'Pikmin Bloom' has started Rolling out

Similar to Pokémon Go, you’ll have to go out and interact with the real world to partake in the game. It’s said to be more of fun and a vivid companion for daily walks or hikes since it doesn’t have battles and doesn’t have the motivator of catching rare monsters as Pokémon Go does.

Niantic’s ‘Pikmin Bloom’ has started Rolling out

In Pikmin Bloom, you’ll discover seedlings when you walk that you can get and develop into plant-like creatures that’ll follow after you. The more you walk, the more Pikmin you can cull and the more Pikmin will follow you.

Onscreen, you’re portrayed as a Mii avatar, with a lot of creatures walking behind you and making more flowers blossom along your path. You’ll also have the option to gather items on your walks, including clothes Pikmin can wear and natural product (fruits) you can feed your creatures to make flowers bloom on their heads.


Niantic President John Hanke said in the game’s video announcement that the flowers the Pikmin make can be seen by different players. This means you can create shared gardens with your neighbors. Pikmin Bloom is currently live for Android and iOS in Singapore and Australia, and it will arrive in more countries and regions “shortly.”


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