New York University Acceptance Rate 2023 – Admission process

NYU is known as the most popular school of higher learning in the United States. NYU is famous for its outstanding academics and global appeal, drawing a sizable number of international students. Applications to NYU have increased by an astounding 300% in the last 20 years.

New York University Acceptance Rate

As a result of the increase in interest, NYU’s acceptance rates have significantly decreased, falling from 65% to 29%. The NYU admittance rate dropped to a historic low of 8% for the class of 2027 with a total application of  120,000 and 10,000 admitted students placing it among the most selective universities in the country.

Prospective students must make their application stand out to have a chance at admission given the declining NYU acceptance rate. The increasing selectivity of NYU makes it essential to perform at the highest level in every area of the application.

About New York University

New York University also known as NYU, is a private research university in New York City. It was established by a group of New Yorkers under the direction of Albert Gallatin and was officially established by the New York State Legislature in 1831. NYU has  a total of 51,848 enrolled students, comprising 26,733 undergraduate students and 25,115 graduate students in 2019. The University has grown to be the largest private institution in the United States by the rate of enrolment. In addition, NYU receives the ninth-highest number of applications of any private college in the US, and admissions are seen to be very competitive.

New York University Acceptance Rate For Class of 2027

For the Class of 2027, NYU received 120,000 applications, resulting in an overall acceptance rate of 8% which is a considerable decrease from prior years. With a median SAT score of 1540, the NYU Class of 2027 is one of the most selective classes to date.

This year had a record-breaking number of applicants about a 13% rise over last year’s statistics and the 13th year in a row with a high record application number. Out of the accepted number of applicants to NYU, 6,500 are anticipated to enroll this fall at one of the university’s three campuses (New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai). Over 18,000 applications were submitted outside of the United States in 2021, with a sizable portion coming from South Korea, China, and India. Historical acceptance rates at NYU show a significant decline in recent years.

Classes Number of Applications Admitted student Acceptance Rate
2027 120,000 9600 8%
2026 105,000 12,810 12.20
2025 95,308 12,199 12.80
2024 85,000 13,000 15.29


New York University Early Decision

Although the university is somewhat secretive about ED I and ED II acceptance rates, the most recent data indicates that individuals who apply ED have an acceptance rate that is roughly 2-3 times higher than those who apply in the regular round.

NYU- SAT, ACT, GPA, And Class Rank

The median SAT score of accepted students for the Class of 2027 was 1540, a new high mark for the institution. The Class of 2026, which was enrolled the previous year, had mid-range SAT scores of 1450–1750 and ACT scores of 32–35. For incoming freshmen, the unweighted GPA was on average 3.8. Remarkably, 95% of the graduates from the class of the prior year were among the top 10% of their graduating classes.

NYU Requirement And Rating

NYU considers some factors in its admissions process, they are as follows:

Very Important Factors

  • The rigor of the secondary school document
  • Class rank
  • A strong GPA and standardized test scores
  • Talent/ability.

Important Factors

  • Application essays
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Character and personal qualities

considered Factors

  • Interviews
  • First-generation status
  • Legacy status
  • Geographical residence
  • Racial/ethnic background
  • Volunteer experience
  • Work experience
  • Applicant’s level of interest.

New York University – How To Apply

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