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We’re at the time of the year when New York Design Week has widely spread around countries! Is this your first time hearing about New York Design Week? Or have you been anticipating the next NYC Design Events? If yes, Keep reading this article!New York Design Week

New York Design Week

It is a non-profit organization (NGO) that organizes yearly programs to create platforms for growth in designing either, locally or international. NYCxDESIGN enables connection and networking world wide amongst individuals and entrepreneurs in designing.

New York Design 2023

Over the years, NYCxDESIGN has attracted thousands of visitors worldwide to New York City to share the latest ideas and inspire others through design. It is a festival that involves other renowned trade shows like WantedDeaign and ICFF. Each May, the city of New York hosts NYCxDESIGN to showcase diverse talented manufacturers, designers, and businessmen.

This year marked the 10th year anniversary for New York Design 2022.  Join NYCxDESIGN as she returns for her 11th year anniversary commences from the 18th May -25th May 2023 with loads of exciting design in creativity. It is an event with an opening party, talk shows, virtual studio and walking tours.

How to Register for New York Design Week

Safest way to fully register either as an individual, business partner, a company agent, kindly visit the website at and follow the instruction thereafter.

Benefits of NYCxDESIGN

There are so many benefits attached to this Festival which will be listed below:?;

  • channels opportunity for designers to receive free sponsorship
  • It connects one with foreign business partners.
  • It compels creative entrepreneur to strive for mastery in their field.
  • An award will be given to the most outstanding artist, etc


Who can attend New York Design Week?

This has been one frequently asked questions overtime by the masses on personality worthy enough to attend New York Design Week.

This Festival was created for as many interested in creativity in diverse fields. If your zeal is towards recreating life and its constituents then, this event is one you shouldn’t miss.

What are the events in New York Design?

New York Design is a platform for great minds to sponsor young intellectual entrepreneur financially into greater levels. Attending next year’sfestival affords you the privilege to connect with financial helpers as a creative entrepreneur. There are a few events, they include;

  • Collective design
  • Frieze New York
  • International Contemporary Furniture Fair
  • Wanted Design, etc

When is the next NYCxDESIGN?

As anticipating as this event is toost persons, it is scheduled yearly. We have few months till the commencement of the next NYCxDESIGN. Y’allget prepared for the big event as awards will be shared too for the best design, sponsorship will be given also. Indeed, NYCxDESIGN is not an event you should afford missing.



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