New Clubhouse Audio Mode Feature Might Just Have Been What You Are Looking For

The new clubhouse audio mode feature might just have been what you are looking for in the platform all this while. This very new feature has now been improved with lots of quality that every musician will find enticing, interesting, and enjoyable.

New Clubhouse Audio Mode Feature Might Just Have Been What You Are Looking For

New Clubhouse Audio Mode Feature Might Just Have Been What You Are Looking For

This week, a new music mode has been added to the clubhouse platform. This feature shows the platform’s commitment to accommodating and centering social audio on the platform. this new clubhouse music mode will give musicians on the platform who play live on the social network their very own set of special tools and features to better optimize the sound quality of their content.

The feature first will be rolling out to iOS before it gets to android. The company did not dig much into the announcement of the feature. The company however said that the new audio mode feature will allow users to “broadcast with high quality and great stereo sound.” If this happens the feature will provide a rich listening experience to users.

Clubhouse also announced that the feature will make it possible to hook pro-level audio equipment like mics and mixing boards into the platform.

Clubhouses Commitment to Audio Quality

Clubhouse in late august made a significant investment in their audio quality with spatial audio. The spatial audio feature gives listeners the feeling that different speakers in an audio room are speaking from different physical locations. This effect is more likely to how we would envision a real-life social interaction.

How to Turn On Music Mode as Speaker on Clubhouse

To turn on music mode as a speaker on clubhouse is easy. And to do this, you will need to tap the three-dotted icon in the upper right corner of the platform and chose audio quality. Next, you will have to select the music option and that’s it. Replayable clips on clubhouse will also support the higher quality audio in their recordings. Also beyond the music mode on clubhouse, the platform is moving its search bar feature to the top of the feed. This means that users can now wave at each other via the search bar on clubhouse iOS app on their devices

Clubhouse Music Mode Not Working

If you are wondering why the clubhouse music mode is not yet working for you, it just might be that you haven’t turned it on. Although the company announced that its new audio mode optimizes the clubhouse mobile app and it can broadcast music with high quality and great stereo sound, it did not specify the level of quality sound to expect.

It also did not note the new music mode supports professional audio equipment during live performances. Turing on clubhouse’s music mode is easy and it has been stated already in this post. But in the event that you missed it, here are the steps needed to turn on music mode in clubhouse;

  • On the clubhouse app, tap on the three-dotted icon in the top right corner.
  • Next, select the audio quality option and choose music.

That’s it! Follow the step above to turn on music mode on your iPhone device.


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