Network Monitoring Tools – Free Network Monitoring Tools in 2021

Access to these Network Monitoring Tools makes it easier for remote monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure.

Network Monitoring Tools

This means that remote Networking Monitoring Tools (NMT) became an important part of securing and keeping IT networks safe. It is sometimes referred to as RMM which means Remote Monitoring Management.

If you ever are interested to know about the Network Monitoring Tools, then here you get it. Read more on this article to learn about NMT.

Network Monitoring Tools

It’s not even just external threats just like malware and ransomware that have to be guarded against, but more mundane issues like maintaining security protocols and ensuring network connectivity within the face of upgrades and constant patch management.

The more machines worked with, the more difficult this can become. General hardware and software asset management becomes essential as both can easily become out of date, leaving the complete IT network prone to failures which may undermine productivity and efficiency.

Free Network Monitoring Tools

It’s not just physical hardware that must be secured through, as identity management and firewalls also are now integral security measures, as are mobile device management solutions for mobile devices.

However, there are solutions out there aimed not just at managing those networks, but making the entire process easier. The challenge is to search out the best network monitoring tools that is suitable for you and your business. Here we feature some we predict offer the best features, reliability, and value for money.

Best Network Monitoring Tools

Here are some of the top picks of our reviewed Network Monitoring Tools:

Azure Network Watcher:

Microsoft Azure Network Watcher is a known product specifically for the network monitoring of your cloud services.

For sure, it allows you to watch the performance, diagnose problems, and usually gain insights into your network health.

However, by using packet capture you do not even have to remotely login into your virtual machines. And may instead set alerts to get real-time information on performance at the packet level.

This implies that IT technicians only need to spend time logging in to actual issues instead of routine observation.


This helps system administrators and IT departments stay right across their organization’s network by offering a real-time overview of all the machines under operation.

It works for Windows, Linux, and Mac devices and may be used on mobile devices for full administrative control.

It offers a storage integration for business continuity and disaster recovery within the event of lost data and outages. Other third-party tie-ins include Slack, Pagerduty, Zendesk, and IT Glue.


It combines remote monitoring and management (RMM) with professional services automation (PSA) into a business management platform made and operated within the cloud.

The creators claim its cloud DNA and scalable SaaS packages make it faster for onboarding and rolling in new organizations.

The Atera platform offers IT, administrators, a variety of features to remain on top of their network. These include remote access of computers, desktops, servers, apps and files, real-time alerts on events like user log-ins, etc.

For those looking to expand the remit of the platform, integrations include CRM and repair desk tools.

Netwrix Auditor

This is all about giving maximum visibility of IT infrastructure changes, data access, and system configurations to the IT administrators of your organization.

Another key component is Netwrix’s security analytics technology. And this monitors your IT environment and enables you to detect threats or anomalous user behavior.

Among the platform’s features is an option to automate auditing and reporting tasks to save lots of time manually poring over logs of information. Plus, the power to keep up a complete audit trail will be archived for over ten years.

By maintaining such evidence, Netwrix Auditor enables users to prove their business adheres to and is compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and FERPA standards, among others.


This provides a SaaS platform for network performance monitoring within the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

It comes as a part of its wider range of network, applications, and server monitoring. The platform is simple to set up. Not simply because it’s cloud-based, but because it also comes with an outsized library of configuration settings intended to hide most circumstances.

This implies that you do not need to spend much time with the configuration setup. And instead, allow for more passive monitoring of settings.

Dashboards are customizable and there is a good range of features available. Not least the ability to filter and segment any part of the network infrastructure for real-time monitoring.


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