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The Facebook Avatar creator is customized with features that let you customize a virtual look-alike for you for use as sticker’s comments and Messenger chat. It is free avatar creator tools that make free avatars or banners like that of Memoji.

The Facebook Avatar Creator

Avatars are Facebook’s answer to Bitmoji- it is similar tools that were brought as Snapchat in the year 2016. Once you are able to create an avatar, you’ll be able to share them in various poses or scenes. It was designed to help spice up Facebook, and to as well likely a bid to attract younger users back to the app.

The Facebook Avatar Creator

The Facebook Avatar Creator was released by Facebook that its users can use to customize their profile with it.  For some time now, the Bitmoji Avatars were all been the rage, but now Facebook is attempting to bring in its own take on the online cartoon Avatar.

Facebook Avatars are now taking over the social media platforms, and this has made users make their own avatars and sharing their friends. Some Facebook users might be confused as to how to make their own Facebook Avatar. Well then read this article carefully as I will show you have to create yours and a lot more also.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

Facebook Avatar Creator App helps you to create or customize your own Facebook Avatar. On the platform you won’t find avatars it, you are the one to create your own avatar.  Well, it might be of a shock to you that, the word Facebook Avatar Creator app isn’t in existence. If such a word is not in existence then, you need to create your own Facebook Avatar.

However, in order to create your own Facebook avatar, you will need the Facebook app to do that. That is because the Facebook Avatar app doesn’t exist but instead, the official Facebook app is what you need to create your own Facebook Avatar.

Download Facebook Avatar Creator App

Downloading the Facebook Avatar Creator App is easy and not stressful follows the guidelines below.

  • On your device tap on Google Play Store App or App store.
  • Then type on Facebook.
  • When the search result pops up on your screen device click on the official Facebook App.
  • Click on the Download or Get button to start downloading immediately.

The above are the guidelines for downloading the Facebook Avatar Creator App on your Android and iOS device.

Create Facebook Avatar Creator

The following are steps on how to create your own Facebook Avatar on your iPhone and Android phone device.

  • Launched the official Facebook app on your device.
  • Then log in to your account and tap on the menu icon
  • On the menu platform, move down and tap on the “see more” icon.
  • Then scroll down, and select Avatars and click on the Next button.
  • After that click on the Get Started button and select a skin tone that you like.
  • Click on the Next button and then go through the customization section.
  • After you must have completed customizing your own avatar and you are okay with it.
  • Tap on the mark at the top right-hand side corner of the screen.
  • On the next homepage display on your screen tap on the Next icon.
  • Then click on the done button and with that you’ve created your own Facebook Avatar.

Edit Facebook Avatar

. Below are the steps to editing your Facebook avatar:

  • Click on the Facebook app on your devices.
  • Then tap three horizontal lines on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Move down and click on see more.
  • Tap on Avatar and click on the pencil icon near the top right-hand side corner of your screen.
  • Pick on any of your desire changes to your avatar you created.
  • After that, tap the checkmark on the top right corner of your screen when you’re done making changes. With that, your edit or changes has been done successfully.

NOTE:  If you do access your Facebook Avatar menu regularly, you might see that your Avatar button is now above the “See More” menu. You can get more details about the Facebook avatar creator here.


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