Netflix Now Allows Watching of Partially Downloaded Shows

Netflix Now allows watching of shows that have been downloaded partially. Recently Netflix announced an interesting new feature that would be very useful for all those that often download shows and movies that they want to watch.

Netflix Now Allows Watching of Partially Downloaded Shows

The company also has announced that users can now watch shows and movies that have been partially downloaded offline. So, if you are one of the many people that like to watch movies that have been downloaded partially, then this feature would really interest you.

Netflix Now Allows Watching of Partially Downloaded Shows

This amazing new feature is very good for all those that are on metered mobile data plans or those that live in an area where mobile data is not so great and thus, it is not the best option for streaming video.

This would likely be an often requested feature from users of Netflix, though up until this point, Netflix also requires you to download the entire episode or movie in question right before you would start watching it again.

This feature first caught wind almost a year ago, and when references to offline viewing for all the incomplete downloads were first spotted in the Android version of the app. This is why Netflix waited a long time to bring it out on a much larger scale, but regardless of the reason, it is finally taking place today.

Netflix Testing New Feature for iOS

Unfortunately, this interesting new feature is now going live for everyone at the moment. In its announcement at the moment, Netflix stated that only Android users get to watch partially downloaded movies and shows offline. Testing for the iOS users would begin sometime in the upcoming months, which basically means that a larger rollout to all iOS users gets to be some time away.

Yet, the hope is that the testing period for iOS would not take very long ever since the feature was made live for all the users in Android. More would be posted about this once the features are available.


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