New Record Low Price for AirPods Max Deals:  AirPods Max Deals You Should Know

AirPods Max Deals has recorded (Record) a low price for AirPods max Deals. We would be seeing a lot of amazing AirPods deals earlier in this week, many of which happen to have disappeared. However, this amazing AirPods max happens to be offering a much better price this weekend.

New Record Low Price for AirPods Max Deals

New Record Low Price for AirPods Max Deals

You would discover that the premium cups that are available at $489 at Amazon (was $549). This happens to be an additional $10 off the previous record for a low price (a price that has proven to be very popular during the prime day).

This brought the AirPods to the cheapest price that they have even been. At the moment, you would find some amazing discounts on the space gray, Green, and Sky-Blue models.

Launching originally at a big price of $549, we only started to see the real movement in this price ever since May, initially dropping down to $529 and further taking a leap to $499 over the course of the previous week.

You would also be receiving a fresh price cut here, then, and an overall saving of $60 that a lot of people would have expected soon after that launch considering Apple’s reluctance to offer discounts on their products that happens to be more luxurious.

 AirPods Max Deals

AirPods Max: $549 $489 at Amazon

We have recently been seeing AirPods Max available at $499 for a few weeks now, but Amazon has just recently Knocked an extra $10 off the price that was actually low. This means that you would find luxury cups for around $489 this weekend, which is actually the cheapest that we have actually seen.

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