Netflix Is Now Making It Easier For Users to Locate Saved Shows and Movies

Netflix is now making it easier for users to locate saved shows and movies that they haven’t watched on the platform. With the new filtering options in My List on the streaming platform, sorting through a pile of bookmarked content could be less of a chore.

Netflix Saved Shows and Movies

Netflix Saved Shows and Movies

Netflix is at the moment making improvements to its My List feature on the platform so that users can more easily sort through the shows and movies that they have bookmarked. Starting initially on Android, users will now be able to filter their list by movies, TV shows, “Haven’t Started,” “Started,” and even sort by options like when they have added something to their list, release dates, and alphabetically, Netflix spokesperson Layal Brown reveals to The Verge.

The Benefits of the New Filter Options on Netflix

The new tools in question should be really handy. And depending on how much of a bookmarker you might be (welcome to the club!), the newly announced sorting options could be a really clutch way to sift and browse through the potentially many things that users have added to the list. Brown also stated that this will roll out first on Android starting on Monday, and it will come to iOS over “the next few weeks.”

Other Netflix Additions

Netflix, as you should probably know, is also adding a “Coming Soon” row to the home screen on the TV version of its app, which could well be a very useful tool to learn when new shows, as well as movies, are on the way that you might like. You will also be able to ask to get a reminder as to when a specific show or a movie is available. And with some potentially big new stuff such as Black Mirror’s sixth season and the first chunk of The Witcher’s third season currently, on the way, there might be a ton load of things that you want to set the reminder bell for.

How to Filter Shows By Language on Netflix

This is very easy. To search movies and TV shows by specific audio languages and subtitles, you should visit browse by languages on the web. You should know that your Netflix homepage shows rows of movies and TV shows that the platform thinks you will like. And you can always narrow the suggestions the platform throws at you simply by selecting TV shows or movies directly from the menu. You can also narrow the suggestions further by categories and genres.

Why Netflix Have So Many Foreign Shows

One thing you should know is that companies based in the US traditionally focus on English-speaking markets. With that, they would dub or subtitle their content for other languages after production, but Netflix is however taking a different approach to the whole thing. The streaming platform is tailoring the video content it offers for viewers simply by geographic market and then offers that diverse content all over the world.



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