Movies and Shows on Netflix: List of Movies And TV Shows On Netflix

It is good to be updated on the latest release of good Movies and Shows on Netflix. For a while now, we have been expecting some movies to be released. Instead of waiting longer, why not keep up with the latest on Netflix.

Movies and Shows on Netflix

Netflix has added some amazing shows and movies you can begin to watch at no cost. There is no cost required, you just have to own a subscribed Netflix account and you are in.

If you want to be updated on new Movies and Shows on Netflix, then read through this article. Though there are more to check out, I will be enlisting the top released movies and shows.

Movies and Shows on Netflix

In this article, we will be detailing the 7 best Movies and Shows on Netflix. Some of them can be gotten on other video services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, etc.

So, whichever you might have, you can still get to watch some of the listed movies. That aside, let’s get to the movie already.

Movies on Netflix

Here are some of the new Movies and Shows on Netflix:

Army of the Dead – Netflix

Another of Zack Snyder’s releases after the Justice League. This is a bombastic casino heist thriller set in a zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas.

The movie came on Netflix to add zombie-killing madness to the platform. After all, it has been a while since the release of a zombie movie.

Marvel’s MODOK – Hulu

This movie follows the adventure of an egomaniacal supervillain who struggles to maintain control of his evil group.

It is a stop-motion adult comedy, so you shouldn’t expect the Avengers to come in. Though this movie is fairly based on a Marvel Comics character of the same name.

Solos – Amazon Prime Video

This is a promising new seven-episode anthology series. The series aims to explore the deeper meaning of the human connection. With stories like time travel, smart homes, memory transplant, artificial intelligence, and more sci-fi scenes.

The Me You Can’t See – Apple TV Plus

This movie features the likes of Oprah, Prince Harry, Glenn Close, and Lady Gaga. It is packed with some of the world’s biggest stars opening up about struggles with their mental health.

This movie is directed by Asif Kapadia, the man behind the award-winning documentaries Amy and Senna. And it is produced by Winfrey herself.

Gomorrah Season 4 – HBO Max

Season four of this amazing Italian crime series is out. It lands on HBO Max last weekend. This show follows the dirty dealings of the Neapolitan mafia as they push pills and crack skulls.

It has been on few streaming services since 2014 but only has been to HBO Max since January 2021. Now the season 4 is here to continue with the misadventures of the Savastano clan. Viewers in the UK can watch it on Sky.

Inside Pixar: Unpacked – Disney Plus

It continues on Disney Plus last weekend to offer a closer look at the animator’s iconic villains, cars, and side characters.

All of its five episodes are directed by either Erica Milsom and Tony Kaplan, Pixar’s in-house documentaries. And it offers viewers with exclusive access to the studio’s filmmakers, creative processes, and shiny California HQ.

Master of None Season 3 – Netflix

This Emmy Award-winning show returns to Netflix after 4 years. It is chronicling the intricate relationship of Denise (Lena Waithe) and Alicia (Naomi Ackie) her partner.


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