Netflix Adds Director Commentary on Glass Onion

Netflix adds director commentary on Glass Onion. And with this, you can now peel back more layers of the reported hit Benoit Blanc mystery.

Netflix Adds Director Commentary on Glass Onion

Netflix Adds Director Commentary on Glass Onion

The ending of the hit Netflix whodunit Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery revealed who killed who, but there are however more layers to be revealed because Netflix is now adding a director’s commentary from director and writer Rian Johnson.

The second movie to star Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc is layered with many mysteries and puzzles which will be reportedly discussed with Johnson alongside insights into the process of filmmaking. Glass Onion with the director’s commentary will be available on the streaming platform (Netflix) on Thursday, February 23 from 10 am PT.

Glass Onion Will Not Be Released on DVD or Blu-ray

The commentaries in question in which directors, filmmakers, and stars discuss a movie while they are watching it are a staple of DVD and Blu-ray releases. But you, however, don’t get to see many of them on streaming platforms and services.

Disney Plus as you should know is one service that streams a lot of behind-the-scenes documentaries and most particularly about Marvel and Star Wars shows, but Netflix on the other hand has not released any ever since House of Cards so many years ago. And at the moment, there are no plans of releasing Glass Onion on DVD or Blu-ray.

Glass Onion Started To Stream in December

And after a run of one week in theaters at Thanksgiving, Glass Onion started to stream in December. The film was a holiday hot, hopefully justifying the millions that were reportedly paid by Netflix to get into a bidding war over the rights to a Knives Out sequel. Many more Benoit Blanc adventures are reported to be on the way, while Johnson on the other hand nailed it once again with the fun mystery series Poker Face which is at the moment streaming on Peacock.


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