Comic Book Generated By AI Loses Its Copyright Protections

Comic book generated by AI loses its copyright protections. But the written parts on the other hand created by the original author will still be protected.

Comic Book Generated By AI Loses Its Copyright Protections

Comic Book Generated By AI Loses Its Copyright Protections

While industries all over are still debating just how to integrate content created by AI, the US Copyright Office reportedly has taken away some protections from a graphic novel that was made with AI.

The Copyright Office according to reports decided that the individual images contained in the graphic novel, Zarya of the dawn, which had been created by the AI Midjourney would not be protected by copyright as per a letter acquired by Reuters. The copyright would be granted to the parts of the comic that had been crafted out by the human author which is specifically the writing and the entire work.

How the Copyright Office Took Copyright from the Book

The Copyright Office originally had registered the work under copyright but then discovered via social media that the author had used the AI Midjourney to help in creating the graphical novel as the world Midjourney was listed alongside the name of the author on the cover image of the comic thus implying co-authorship, but its contribution, however, was not disclosed on the copyright application.

The Copyright Office after clarifications on the contribution and methodology of the author making use of AI in generating images narrowed what a new copyright would protect and it is the text and the instructions of the author to the AI and not the artwork produced by the AI.

Other Creative Industries Looking For Ways to Integrate AI into Their Works

Creative industries have followed several different approaches in integrating AI-crafted work. Photo services, Shutterstock and Getty Images began taking down AI-generated images in the previous year, while Adobe Stock on the other hand announced that it would accept them.


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