Net Health – Net Health Date Solutions for Wound Care

Net Health is a health center that harnesses data for human health. They give HER software and predictive, actionable analytics for medical specialties. They are here to transform traditional wound care programs with breakthrough analytics and predictive insights.

Net Health

Those medical specialties include rehab therapy, wound care, home care health, hospice, and employee health.

They have trusted solutions facilities across the continuum of care which includes the nation’s leading hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, senior living facilities, home health and hospice agencies, and outpatient clinics.

The HER software enables caregivers and their organizations to engage effectively with patients, streamline documents, and staff efficiently.

Net Health

Net health has the ability to improve the quality of the data taken by tailoring the HER to your organization.

Their specialized software distills HER Data into predictive, actionable insights embedded into your workflow, so you can exceed every standard.

They have a unique approach to analytics seamlessly presents insights in clinical and operational workflow to improve care and business performance. Net Health is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, Level Equity, and Silversmith Capital Partners.

Net Health Analytics

The analytics are designed to support Revenue Optimization, Expense optimization, Patient Safety, Care Quality.

They are unique approaches to analytics seamlessly presents insights in clinical and operational workflows to improve care and business. By 2023, they will be 75% of healthcare delivery organizations and 20% of all patient interactions will involve some form of AI enablement.

Net Health Analytics Process

The analytics has a process that will be looked at.

  • They have a full understanding of your organization’s business needs
  • The ability to improve the quality of the data captured by tailoring the HER to your organization
  • The development of large detailed and secure data sets that ensure accurate and relevant predictive analytics
  • There is an analytic process that offers significant value compared to other published analytics for healthcare.

Net Health Therapy

In Therapy, you have to be more confident in your care than ever before. Rehab therapy providers have to gain access to hundreds of data insights that can inform treatment effectiveness and efficiency. It enables better clinical decision-making with no guesswork involved. A fully-integrated solution, Net Health Therapy for Hospital Outpatient drives PT, OT.

And also, SLP workflow moves practices through the day quickly, ensuring compliance, boosting efficiency, and supplying the tools to grow revenue.

Net health therapy is cloud-based on rehab therapy documentation, scheduling, and practice management software for practices of all sizes.

Analytics for Therapy Action

Predictive analytics can estimate a patient functioning level score after completion of treatment. The following are care to improve and help physical therapists:

  • Predict increase in functioning level score in order to inspire patient engagement
  • Identify psychosocial and other factors early so that PTs can be steer appropriately.
  • To monitor patient satisfaction level to enable adjustments to care as needed
  • To learn more, you can click here

Net Health Date Solutions for Wound Care

The following are data solutions for wound care.

Market Trends Analytics

The company’s robust analytics platform shows data and insights related to wound care market trends in the United States.

You can get aggregated data on wound care facility behavior which includes patient volume, wound types, procedures, and product utilization.


  • They are patient populations
  • They visit trends
  • They are wound Demographic
  • Their procedure trend like HBO, CTP, NPWT, ETC.
  • They have product usage.

Real-World Evidence

The records of patients are properly de-identified in compliance with HIPAA guidelines. With Net Health, patient-level data offerings permit life science customers to access specialized data sets from a comprehensive wound care database.

This data can be used for health economics, clinical outcomes, and clinical effectiveness research

The Available Data Details

The following are available data in detail.

Net Health Career

With Net Health Career, you can be working from anywhere with a home in Pittsburgh. They invest in you so that you can give your all to caregivers.

The following are World-class perks and benefits of Net health Career

You can work from anywhere: you can telecommunicate from the majority of their workforce.

Unlimited PTO: This Unlimited paid time off is said to be free time for workers. During this time, you can go off if you are on Vacation, personal, and sick time.

Casual Dress Code: they have bunny slippers on Zoom calls and also you can trust them when it’s time to face clients on their outlook.

Comprehensive benefits package: they offer medical, prescription, dental, vision, life, and Disability insurance, as well as 401k contributions.

A Voice: you can stretch your thinking and share your perspective. They offer an open-door policy to all levels of leadership.

Professional development and educational assistance:  this is a myriad of training opportunities to support each employee’s unique path, as well as tuition reimbursement.

Diversity and Inclusion: the real resources, real-time, and real conversations, to welcome and retain a diverse workforce.


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