How to Contact MTN Customer Care

What is the MTN Customer Care New Number? MTN care team, a dedicated department, assists both new and existing customers with any challenges. You can contact them online or offline.

MTN Customer Care New Number
MTN Customer Care New Number

The exciting thing is, that when using online methods, you can contact the customer care line 24/7 to address all your inquiries, complaints, and basic service needs.

Certainly, there are numerous reasons why both individuals and corporate organizations might want to reach out to customer care. However, the care unit is here to assist, no matter the reason.

However, note that not all issues can be resolved via contacting MTN online, some will have to physically visit a nearby MTN customer centre

How to Contact MTN Customer Care

There are different ways to contact the mtn customer care, namely:

  • Use of customer care number for MTN
  • Using social media
  • MTN live chat
  • Visit any customer care office closest to you
  • Use Mtn app

Use of Customer Care Number for MTN

To contact MTN quickly, you can use a customer care number. Essentially, there are three customer care numbers for MTN.

For individuals calling from an MTN line, those using a different network, and those calling from outside the country.

No matter your location or the network you use, you can easily reach MTN’s customer care using these dedicated numbers.

Here are the various customer care numbers for MTN available for your use today:

  • For those using an MTN line, dial 300 (new mtn call center)
  • If you are calling from another network, dial 08031000180
  • If you’re calling from outside the shores of Nigeria, call +2348031000180

When you dial the number, Zigi, an MTN chat and voice bot, will assist in connecting you to an agent who will be happy to help. If your inquiries require in-person assistance, you’ll be directed to visit the nearest MTN customer center.

Contact MTN Customer Care on WhatsApp

To reach out to MTN Customer Care via WhatsApp, it’s clear that WhatsApp is one of the best methods.

With assistance from the MTN chatbot, Zigi, you can effortlessly receive useful suggestions or connect with an agent who will address your inquiries.

You can utilize these dedicated MTN customer care WhatsApp numbers:

09033000001, 09033000002, 09033000003, 09033000004, 09033000005

Any of these MTN WhatsApp numbers will quickly connect you to the MTN care unit.

MTN New Code

MTN Nigeria has introduced new USSD codes for its users to purchase data, top-up airtime, verify data bundles, and perform other tasks. This implies that the previous MTN USSD codes will no longer function for MTN users in Nigeria.

MTN New USSD Codes

Below are the new MTN USSD codes and their operations:

*312#: This is the new MTN USSD code to buy data bundles

*311#: This is the new MTN USSD code to recharge airtime

*303#: This is the new MTN USSD code to borrow airtime and data

*323#: This is the new MTN USSD code to check your data balance on the MTN network

*310#: This is the new MTN USSD code to check the Account balance (airtime balance)

*321#: This is the new MTN USSD code to share data with friends and family

*305#: This is the new VAS code on MTN network

*996#: This is the new code to link your NIN to your MTN number, check your NIN number, change SIM info, etc.

300: This is the new MTN customer care number

As of May 2023, the old MTN USSD codes have ceased to function, and you must utilize the new USSD codes listed above. Make sure you become acquainted with these new MTN USSD codes.

Alternative Ways to Perform Operations on MTN

If you find it challenging to quickly learn the codes above, you can utilize the alternative methods below to carry out basic tasks on your MTN line:

  • You can get the MyMTN App from the App store, sign in with your MTN phone number, and access features like purchasing data, airtime, checking balance, sharing data, and sharing airtime, among others.
  • You can visit the MyMTN Online Website, sign in with your MTN number, and perform all MTN operations on the website as well.

Feel free to choose the method that suits you best. However, keep in mind that the alternative methods require an internet connection, whereas the new MTN codes can be used without an internet connection.

Frequently asked questions

Why was the MTN Customer Care number changed?

MTN may change its Customer Care number for various reasons, including improving service quality or network upgrades.

How can I contact MTN Customer Care using the new number?

You can reach MTN Customer Care by dialling the new number from your MTN mobile device.

Are there any charges for calling MTN Customer Care?

Standard call charges may apply, depending on your tariff plan. It’s advisable to check with MTN for specific pricing details.

Can I still use the old MTN Customer Care number?

No, the old MTN Customer Care number is no longer in service. Please use the new number for assistance.

What services can I access through MTN Customer Care?

MTN Customer Care can assist you with account inquiries, service-related issues, subscription details, and more.



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