MrBeast Net Worth – How Much is The YouTuber worth?

MrBeast net worth – what is MrBeast’s net worth? MrBeast is an American YouTube star, entrepreneur and philanthropist have a net worth of $25 million.

MrBeast Net Worth

MrBeast Net Worth

Also known as jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast is well known for his stunts performed on YouTube that gives away large sums of money to charity and friends. MrBeast is considered the pioneer of philanthropic YouTube stunt videos. He is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world. He earned a total of 24 million from his channels on YouTube, sponsorship with brands such as electronic arts and Microsoft, and merchandise sales in 2020.

It is reported that jimmy (MrBeast) invest a huge chunk of his earnings on YouTube back on video production. The YouTuber now spends up to $300,000 producing just one video which is a big leap from the $10,000 he uses a few years ago. The stunts he performs always seem to have a philanthropic angle to them such as giving money away to strangers or even adopting an entire shelter of rescue dogs.

And according to a recent survey by YouTube analytics service SocialBlade, the YouTuber makes a minimum of $3 million monthly from YouTube ads alone and this does not even include in-video brand deals. YouTuber, MrBeast as at the time of this writing has 3 YouTube channels to his name and they are;

  • MrBeast
  • MrBeast shorts
  • Beast reacts

All of these channels together boast a combined 90 million-plus subscribers. The combined numbers make MrBeast the most subscribed YouTube creator in the US alone. The most subscribed individual creator in the world is PewDiePie with 110 million subscribers on his main channel alone.

Monthly Video Production budget of MrBeast

Jimmy also known as MrBeast has confirmed that he puts into his work just as much as he makes every single month in producing content. And this includes some of the videos where he is literally giving away millions of dollars. The creator in august 2020 spent at least $3 million on staff salaries, rent, production costs, and more.

MrBeast Monthly Earnings

As mentioned already in this post, the YouTuber earns about 3 million dollars every month from views on his YouTube channels. For instance, MrBeast uploaded 54 videos in March 2022 to his channels on YouTube. The 54 videos however then resulted in 283 million total views. And to better understand just how much income it may have translated into, we first have to recognize that the YouTuber has 3 main sources of income and they are;

  • Sponsorship
  • Merchandise
  • And ad revenue

Treating each of the sources;

Ad Revenue

Video ads make profits by garnering different CPMs in different countries. This means that a video ad will pay higher than a video ad in Brazil. It would however be safe to assume an average video CPM of $5. Now times that money per thousand views all net to MrBeast. Let’s just say that 283 million views will equate to $1.4 million in net earnings.


Previously it was reported that MrBeast charges a million monthly to be the primary sponsor of the main video page on YouTube. With that being said I think that it is safe to say that through sponsorships on his other channels, he is pulling a minimum of a million dollars too and that amounts to a total of $2 million.


MrBeast last year made about $54 million and approximately half of that came from merchandise sales and this is according to various sources. Breaking it down to $2 million monthly. Adding the three sources of revenue, we get $54 million.

Some other sources of income and projects include;

  • Team trees project back in 2019
  • Mobile gaming – finger on the app
  • Awards
  • Beats burger
  • Clothing line
  • And diet.

That’s it in regards to his various projects. You should also know that MrBeast suffers from an inflammatory bowel condition known as Crohn’s disease.


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