MPIL Internship 2024 in Germany ( Up to €300 Monthly) – APPLY NOW

If you’re pursuing a degree in Law, the Max Planck Institute for Law Internship in Germany 2024 presents a golden opportunity you shouldn’t miss. This MPIL internship program spans up to 12 weeks, during which you’ll immerse yourself in cutting-edge research and gain practical legal skills applicable to the real world.

MPIL Internship

The MPIL Internship program 2024 focuses on Comparative public law, European law, and international law, ensuring you receive a well-rounded legal education. The program offers two internship options: voluntary and degree-requirement-based. Carefully review the eligibility criteria to determine which option suits you best.

MPIL Internship 2024 – Why Should You Apply?

There are numerous benefits you can expect in participating in this program, they include;

  • International Exposure: This internship offers you the chance to work in an international setting. You’ll collaborate with professionals from around the world, broadening your horizons and expanding your global network which is a valuable asset for your future career.
  • Practical Experience: The paid internship in Europe provides a unique opportunity to translate your academic knowledge of law into practical skills. You’ll work on real legal issues and learn how to apply your expertise to everyday matters.
  • Access to Experts: You’ll have the privilege of collaborating with a team of seasoned research experts in the field of law. This environment allows you to articulate your concerns effectively and receive pragmatic solutions to your queries.
  • You’ll learn how to analyze complex problems and find solutions using modern methods and practices.
  • Engagement and Enrichment: The program encourages interns to actively participate in institutional activities. This includes attending research-related meetings, seminars, discussion forums, and international conferences. You’ll gain insights into current issues in European Union law, international law, administrative law, and constitutional law.

Financial Benefits and Advantages of the MPIL Internship 2024

Interns will receive the following benefits;

  • A Monthly Reimbursement of up to Euro 300.
  • You’ll have the chance to engage in research activities related to international law, public law, and EU laws.
  • Interns can assist in the institution’s meetings and contribute to ongoing research projects. This involvement is a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact.
  • You’ll be tasked with writing legal summaries about cases and texts, honing your legal writing skills.
  • The program offers the chance to participate in international workshops and conferences, providing exposure to the latest developments in the legal field.

Eligibility Criteria for the MPIL Internship 2024

To be eligible for the MPIL Internship 2024, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate university program.
  • Demonstrate outstanding academic achievements in your degree program.
  • Possess strong research and drafting skills.
  • Proficiency in English writing and verbal skills is required. Candidates with knowledge of other EU languages, especially German, will be given special consideration.

How to Apply for MPIL Internship 2024?

Applying for the Max Planck Institute for Law Internship 2024 is an easy process. Ensure that you meet the criteria above then follow the steps below to apply:

  • Visit the official website of the Max Planck Institute at
  • You will need to complete the required fields in the application form with accurate information
  • Submit all the necessary supporting documents which must have been prepared before the application
  • Submit your application in English via the provided email address found at the official page

Documents Required

When applying for the Max Planck Institute Internship 2024, applicants must attach the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Cover letter highlighting your motivation for applying
  • Copy of your high school diploma
  • Academic transcripts

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for the May 2024 internship program, is December 01, 2023.

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