Most Popular Podcasts – 10 Most Popular Podcasts to Listen To Right Now

What are the most popular podcasts one can easily listen to today? Have you got any idea? Truth is, there are lots of podcasts to choose from today and no one quite has the time to go through the rich list of podcasts to select from. This post however will help barrow the perspective so you know what to go for should the need arise.

Most Popular Podcasts

Most Popular Podcasts

As of today, we are living in a really fast-paced society. And with the latter being said, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find time to read something interesting and this is where podcasting comes in. over the past couple of years, podcasting has turned out to become very popular.

Podcasts have allowed some of our prominent figures, celebrities, entertainers, and many more the opportunity to create something interesting of their own. Now in order to save you the time of ransacking through the long list of podcasts available right now, I have put together a very impressive list of the most popular podcasts to listen to.

10 Most Popular Podcasts to Listen To Right Now

The list of podcasts mentioned in this post has been gotten and compiled from various trusted sources around the web. With that being said, here are the top 10 most popular podcasts to listen to right now;

The Clearing

The most popular podcast to listen to on this list is another true-crime podcast. This podcast follows the story of April Balascio as she finds out that her father is a real serial killer.  She finally decided to call a detective by the time she was 40 after years of suspicion had finally gotten too much.

April just wanted to confirm once and for all if truly her father was a serial killer. And after decades of waiting, her worst fears were confirmed. Edward Wayne Edwards, which was her father, was convicted of multiple murders.

The podcast is all about what happened after all of the above had happened, and how she (April) dealt with her emotions.  Podcast Host, Jon Dean digs into her childhood memories to find out the truth about the life of her father and potential motives.

Crime Junkie

For all you true-crime junkies out there, here’s something for you. The podcast Crime Junkie is a true-crime podcast that is hosted by Ashley Flowers and co-hosted by Brit Prawat. The duo on the podcast discusses everything to do with true crime. New episodes are released every week.

Crime Junkie had released 88 episodes as of July 11, 2019. With that being said, the podcast has received a ton of positive feedback. Laura Barcella of the Rolling Stone magazine named the podcast (crime junkie) among her favorite true crime podcasts for 2018.

Overheard At National Geographic

Have you ever wondered about the type of conversation that is going on in the national geographic headquarters? If this is true for you then you are going to love this one. Each episode of this podcast opens up into one of the strange, and bizarre yet fascinating conversations that the team has heard or come across in the national geographic headquarters.

With this podcast, you should prepare to be amazed and even laugh a little as you will get to learn a lot as you are introduced o conversations with scientists, photographers, and even explorers going on about their daily life and involving themselves in amazing things all around the world in order to bring great content to you that you ultimately watch on the national geographic.

The Joe Rogan Experience

This very podcast is available on both audio and video. It was launched back in 2004 by Joe Rogan, an American actor, comedian, sports commentator, and martial artist. Ever since it was released, the podcast has grown to become one of the most popular podcasts to listen to.

The host Joe interviews several interesting characters and this is including business people, celebrities, TV personalities, and even sports stars, and asks them questions at most times that very one wants answers to.

Noble Blood

If you have a thing for royals and history, then you will find noble blood quite interesting. This podcast discusses the lives and stories of some of the most interesting royals experienced in history. It opens up into the world of murders and murders, tragedy and tyrants, and educates you all the while you are at it. The podcast is from Aaron Mahnke who is an executive producer and iheart podcasts and also narrated by Danna Schwartz who is the author.

22 Hours: An American Nightmare

This podcast is about the horrible and awful situation that happened to an A.D.C power couple and their ten-year-old son. You should brace yourself for this one as it is intense. It is reported that the family was held hostage in their D.C mansion for 22 hours before they were brutally murdered.

WTOP examines and investigates pieces of evidence used by the police who ultimately led them to find the killer of the family and the reason why he did it. Each of the episodes is up to an hour and it is well worth your time.

Hell and Gone

If you like crime and unsolved cases then this one is for you. This is a very interesting and popular podcast that throws its listeners into an investigative mode. In this podcast, host Catherine Townsend tries to uncover the truth in regards to the murder of Rebekah Gould in 2004.

Writer and licensed private investigator Catherine moved to Mountain View Arkansas in a bid to find out who killed Rebekah 14 years ago. The goal of Catherine is to bring the killer of Rebekah to justice. With that being said, she and her team invite listeners each week as they find out suspects and clue things together one after the other.

Call Her Daddy

If laughing and hearing cringe-worthy stories is your thing, then this podcast is a perfect fit for you. The podcast follows Alexandra cooper who is a professional vlogger and her best friend Sofia Franklyn in their quest to discuss everything about the NYC lives. The duo talks about sex, relationships, and embarrassing moments in their lives. both are in their 20s and they also talk about the NY social scene.


Serial is yet another very popular podcast that is hosted by Sarah Koenig. She narrates interesting factual stories over several episodes. Each season of this podcast however investigates something different entirely. For instance, season one of the podcast investigated the murder of Hae Min Lee who is an 18 years old student that disappeared in Baltimore, Maryland.

In season two, the podcast looked into the capture of a US sergeant named Bowel Bergdahl by the Taliban forces. Season three on the other hand focuses on peculiar forces that are within the justice center complex in Cleveland.

So far the podcast has done really well with seasons one and two amassing over 340 million downloads. The show also receives a Peabody award in 2015.

The Daily

The daily from the New York Times is coming in at number 10 on this rundown. The episodes of this podcast are based on what the NY times have reported on that faithful day. With that being said, they can be quite a bit which makes it quite interesting. The podcast is hosted by Michael Barbaro who is a political journalist. Each of the episodes lasts up to 20-30 minutes.


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