Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024-2025 (Up to $120,000 Funding)

Applications are now open for the Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024-2025. Mitacs Elevate is a postdoctoral fellowship program that offers a unique curriculum for professional development.

Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024-2025
Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024-2025

The program allows fellows to tackle complex challenges through:

  • Engaging in a one or two-year research project with a partner organization that requires specialized expertise.
  • Participating in a professional development curriculum that is designed to prepare them for leadership roles in research and industry.

Throughout the program, fellows progress together as a cohort, providing them with valuable networking opportunities and the chance to learn from peers from different disciplines – an experience that may not be readily available in their individual careers.

During the one or two-year fellowship period, fellows divide their time between their partner organization’s project and conducting research at their academic institution under the guidance of their academic supervisor.


  • A minimum stipend of $55,000 per year and an award valued at $60,000 per year
  • $30,000 contribution per year from partner organization
  • Exclusive access to professional development curriculum
  • Proposal assistance from a Mitacs Advisor, including application feedback
  • Certificate of completion after completing the exit survey and submitting the final report.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for postdoctoral fellows include:

  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or international applicants
  • Based at a Canadian academic institution (including colleges or polytechnics) throughout the fellowship period
  • Graduated from a PhD program within five years prior to the proposed start date of the Elevate project, with exceptions for fellows who had career breaks due to military service, illness or family leave. These exceptions must be approved in advance of application. If you have any questions or if this situation applies to you, please contact Mitacs via the email address provided on the official website.
  • They must have completed all requirements for their PhD degree, including a successful defence, final deposit, and dissertation sign-off. Also, they must meet the eligibility criteria for postdoctoral fellows at their home academic institution and maintain postdoctoral fellow status for the entire duration of the Mitacs Elevate fellowship.
  • They should be able to commit to the two-year Mitacs Elevate fellowship, which includes participation in the exclusive professional development curriculum. Replacement or substitute fellows are not permitted.
  • If they have previously received a Mitacs Accelerate award as a Master’s or PhD student, they may still be eligible for the Elevate fellowship, as long as they have not completed more than two years (equivalent to six internship units) of Mitacs Accelerate at the postdoctoral level. Ensure that this is fully completed prior to the commencement of the Mitacs Elevate fellowship.
  • Previous Elevate alumni who have completed a one- or two-year Elevate project are eligible to apply for another Elevate project. However, postdocs can only receive funding for a maximum of three years.
  • Postdocs can receive up to nine internship units (typically three years) of Mitacs funding, which can include any combination of Elevate and Accelerate projects in any order. For example, they can pursue an Accelerate project after completing an Elevate project or hold more than one Elevate project. One year of Elevate counts as three internship units.
  • Fellows cannot simultaneously apply to multiple Mitacs programs for the same period of time.

How To Apply Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024-2025

  • To begin your Elevate application, click here.
  • To ensure that your proposal meets the requirements, please refer to the guidelines provided in the Elevate downloads section on how to write your proposal.
  • When filling out the proposal, please strictly adhere to the provided format. Making any changes or modifications to the format may render your application ineligible.
  • For postdoctoral fellows, upload the following to your profile:

    • Postdoctoral fellow’s CV
    • One (1) recommendation letter* from a former supervisor or someone familiar with the fellow’s research expertise
    • Any supplementary documents as applicable
  • For academic supervisors, upload the following to your profile:

  • Proposed academic supervisor’s CV
  • One (1) recommendation letter* from the proposed academic supervisor
  • Any supplementary documents as applicable
  • For partner organizations, upload the following to your profile:

  • One (1) recommendation letter* from an eligible partner organization, including their financial contribution in dollar amount.
  • Any supplementary documents as applicable.
  • All recommendation letters must include letterhead and a signature. Please consult the Recommendation Letter Guidelines provided in the Elevate downloads section for further information.

For more information about Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship, please,  visit the official website.

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