MIT Solve Global Economic Prosperity Challenge 2024( Up to $10,000 Grant Fund) | Apply Now!

MIT Solve is currently accepting applications for the Global Economic Prosperity Challenge, which aims to use technology as a means to enhance peace and prosperity.

MIT Solve Global Economic Prosperity Challenge 2024
MIT Solve Global Economic Prosperity Challenge 2024

The initiative recognizes that stability and peace are critical for economic development and societal well-being. And that they are threatened by escalating conflicts and economic instability. The challenge also acknowledges the role of technology in both exacerbating and alleviating these risks. And seeks innovative solutions to leverage technology to promote peace and prosperity.

The goal is to harness technology and innovation to address issues such as misinformation and polarization, lack of quality jobs, and economic vulnerability. And to create more inclusive and resilient economies. The challenge emphasizes the ethical design and implementation of technology as a crucial element. In building and sustaining peaceful communities and economies.


  • MIT Solve – Solver Award: All Solver teams chosen for Solve’s Global Challenges and the Indigenous Communities Fellowship will be granted a $10,000 fund provided by Solve.
  • The GSR Foundation Prize: The GSR Foundation will present an award to solutions utilizing technology in an inventive manner to address urgent community issues with potential for global scalability. Solutions that facilitate financial inclusion and emphasize education will be given preference. The prize, funded by the GSR Foundation, an independent charity established by GSR, a prominent cryptocurrency trading firm, will allocate up to $150,000 to multiple Solver teams participating in Solve’s 2024 Global Challenges.
  • Morgridge Family Foundation AI Innovation Prize: Solutions leveraging AI to drive bold innovation, disruption, and transformation are eligible for the Morgridge Family Foundation AI Innovation Prize. The foundation provides funding for innovative leaders and organizations creating new solutions for current problems, offering up to $50,000 to a maximum of two teams from Solve’s 2024 Global Challenges or its group of Solver teams.
  • The AI for Humanity Prize: The AI for Humanity Prize is open to solutions utilizing data science, artificial intelligence, and/or machine learning to benefit humanity. The prize, funded by The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, a philanthropy committed to promoting AI and data solutions for a fair and sustainable future, will distribute up to $150,000 among multiple Solver teams involved in the 2024 Global Challenges.

 Eligibility Criteria

MIT Solve is seeking innovative tech solutions to enhance peace and prosperity in 2024, focusing on:

  • Promoting and maintaining peace through community dialogue, civic engagement, and reconciliation. And justice efforts, cyber security, and combatting violence, misinformation, and polarization.
  • Supporting financial and digital inclusion by providing access to credit. Digital identity tools, and insurance while safeguarding privacy and personal data.
  • Creating economic opportunities and protecting workers from economic uncertainties through job creation, skills development, and inclusive asset ownership.

How To Apply For MIT Solve Global Economic Prosperity Challenge 2024 

To be a participant in the MIT Solve Global Economic Prosperity Challenge, click here.

For more information please visit the official website of MIT Solve Global Economic Prosperity Challenge .

Application Deadline

April 18, 2024.



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