Microsoft’s Autopatch Is Finally Here

Microsoft’s Autopatch is finally here. That being said, automated updates are now set to make admins of workplaces simpler.

Microsoft’s Autopatch Is Finally Here

Microsoft’s Autopatch Is Finally Here

With the official launch of the Microsoft Autopatch, managing the security of your windows 11 should be much easier. The feature was first announced back in April 2022. And general availability of the feature has now arrived for windows enterprise E3 and E5 licenses for the service that is set to automate updates for services such as windows 10 and windows 11, Microsoft 365 software, and Microsoft Edge, including office.

The said tool will make use of windows updates for business in automatically rolling out important updates. And places where it is possible, the tool will roll back changes as per Microsoft.

The regular monthly windows B release updates will be applicable as standard alongside out-of-band security updates and patches from within the Autopatch. Office updates on the other hand will follow a similar monthly update pattern making use of the monthly enterprise channel.

In other news, updates to edge browser and Teams video conferencing services will follow up a less structured patterned release. And also, they are not managed via Autopatch which simply means there are no rollbacks. But you should know that issues can be raised and even solved within the Autopatch portal.

Microsoft’s Concerns about the New Autopatch Tool

Tech company Microsoft already knows that this may cause some IT admins to have doubts and the company has therefore made emphasis that updates are pushed ‘around the clock,’ and also that its systems can ‘detect potential issues among an incredibly diverse array of hardware and software configurations.’ Also, there is a team dedicated to helping with any issues in regards to compatibility which also could be free of charge to customers that are eligible.

Microsoft also is open to changing the procedure in order to appeal to many more customers especially those customers that are already using update deployment rings.

Requirements to Make Use of Autopatch

There are requirements needed in order to make use of Autopatch and they are;

  • Windows 10 and 11 versions of enterprise and virtual machines that are inclusive of windows 365 cloud PCs.
  • Windows Enterprise E3 licensing or above.
  • Accounts that are managed by azure active directory or hybrid azure active directory join.
  • Managed with Intune or through configuration manager co-management.

In order to enable Microsoft Autopatch, users should go to the tenant administration section of the Microsoft Endpoint manager admin center and enroll from there.


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