Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 – Everything We Know Currently

For quite a while now, Microsoft has been reportedly working on a successor to the Surface laptop go for quite a long time now. The last time that this product was heard of, it was expected to go by the name Surface laptop Go 2 was in April 2022, when windows central people hinted that it could probably launch within the first half of the year.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

The report came from April outlined that the second-generation surface laptop Go could feature some great improvements over its predecessor. These potential upgrades could include the option of a much faster processor and the addition of SSD storage even on the base variants of the machine. We were also told about the possibility of the new device being made available in a new sage color option.

Ever since the last report came from April 2022, we did not get any information concerning the Surface laptop go 2 in the form of leaks or an official announcement from Microsoft. That all came to an end when the Verge spotted an apparent accidental listing for the product on the South Korean social media platform Naver.

What Latest Listings Indicate

Initial indications are that the surface Laptop Go 2 will feature marginal upgrades over its predecessor. While we are already aware of the possibility of the 2022 edition of these machines getting Intel’s 11th-gen core processors, the leaked listing revealed the actual processor that one of the SKUs will get. In this instance, the chip in question was an Intel 11th-gen Core i5-1135G7. The listing also indicated that the Microsoft surface laptop Go 2 would be running on windows 11 at launch.

These upgrades aside, the listing also hints that the new machine might boast of an upgraded web camera. While the previous generation of Surface laptop Go featured a 720p Webcam, it is unclear if the term “improved HD camera performance” Spotted right on the features list indicates that the product would feature a much higher resolution camera.

The best part of the listing was that it suggested preorders for the product would be launching as early as the 2nd of June, 2022 which is less than two days away. This also means that an official announcement for the product is set to be happening very soon.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 Specs

Aside from those key upgrades, it is yet to be certain that Microsoft would make any significant changes to the surface Laptop Go with the jump between iterations.

The higher-priced variant stated that we might probably see a fingerprint scanner integrated with the power button, as seen with the existing lineup. One feature that we all hoped for – but might not be added by Microsoft this year is the backlit keyboard option.

If you were looking forward to more I/O options, you may not want to hold your breath, as this new leak suggests that Microsoft would be sticking with the same array of ports that were found on the very first Surface laptop Go.

Previous reports gave information concerning the fact that Microsoft might be bumping up the storage capacity on the base variant from 64GB to 128GB. Also, it would be interesting to see whether Microsoft drops eMMC storage options this time around in the favor of an all-SSD lineup.

Potential pricing

When it comes to the pricing, the base version of the first-generation Microsoft Surface laptop Go started at $549. While talk concerning Microsoft keeping the entry pricing for the newer model the same, more recent reports indicate that the pricing of the base variant could go up by $100 to around $650.


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