Microsoft Outlook extension is Now on Google Chrome – Microsoft Outlook Browser Extension

Microsoft Outlook extension is now on Google Chrome. Microsoft has recently been making things a lot easier for a lot of users lately. Now users can access their outlook through a new Google Chrome extension.

Microsoft Outlook extension is Now on Google Chrome

Microsoft Outlook Extension is Now on Google Chrome

Just as windows central reported, they stated that the windows outlook extension is now available on the chrome web store. Once the extension is added to your chrome, it works with Outlook and Hotmail accounts, And it helps users switch the account without having to switch tabs.

Microsoft released the exact same extension for an edge in June, so it might not be new to some of the users.

Microsoft Outlook Browser Extension

This incredible new extension in chrome does not only make it possible for users to access to gain access to their email much faster. They also get to access their Outlook calendar, contacts, and task straight from the extension at the top of their google chrome browser.

It does not matter if you work from your home, or you have to take your work to your office, this new chrome extension can really prove very helpful. This incredible extension by Microsoft can help with boosting your productivity as it would help you with reading, writing, and sending emails a lot faster and easier. Plus you do not always have to switch tabs to do so making it more convenient.

You can use the Microsoft outlook service to look up, edit, and add your contacts on outlook and to enter a new Task on outlook, mark them and edit them as complete.

How to Download Microsoft Outlook Extension on Chrome

To do this is really easy. Just access the chrome web store using the icon at the top left of the screen. or you can search for the web store using the search bar.

  • Search for the Microsoft extension
  • once you have located the extension, and download it.

As a Google chrome user can choose to add the Microsoft extension to their browser using this link. If you do happen to be making use of edge, you can add it up on your edge browser if you want to.


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