Microsoft And Google Project – Compat2021 Goal

Compaxt2021 could be a new Microsoft And Google Project which is currently ongoing. This program is targeted to develop web compatibility across different browsers and make it easier for developers.

Microsoft And Google Project

Microsoft is joining Google, Igalia, etc within the web community to enhance browser compatibility under the Compat2021 initiative.

The project will specialize in five areas web developers struggle with when attempting to make standard experience across browsers using core web layout, forms, and animation tools. These tools include CSS Grid, CSS Flexbox, CSS position, CSS aspect-ratio property, and CSS transforms.

Microsoft And Google Project

“The scores will represent how great the browser engines do on the 2021 Compat Focus Areas, just as measured by test results. Each feature contributes up to twenty points to the score. For passing-test percentage, giving a maximum possible score of 100 for every browser,” the website states.

Chrome and Edge from the Dev channel have a score of 86, while Firefox Nightly’s score is 83, and Safari Preview features a score of 64. Comparing stable builds, Chrome and Edge have a score of 83, while Firefox and Safari have a respective score of 68 and 60.

Compat2021 Goal

“The goal of Microsoft And Google Project in 2021 is to eliminate browser compatibility problems in five key focus areas. And with that developers can confidently depend on them as reliable foundations”. As explain Google’s Robert Nyman and Philip Jägenstedt.

As per the Mozilla-hosted MDN Browser Compatibility Report 2020, web developers are battling CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid. And also undergo problems in achieving a consistent layout for recent browsers featuring dynamic viewport sizes and scrolling.

The report also found the biggest number of compatibility challenges were with Internet Explorer and Safari. With a major document that informs the project company on the MDN Web Developers Needs Assessment (DNA) report.

Igalia, a Spanish open-source consultancy, is specializing incompatibility issues affecting Apple’s WebKit browser engine.


On the other hand, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) browser earlier this year launched Open Web Docs. The initiative contributes to Mozilla’s MDN Web Docs, the central location that each browser maker has agreed to host official Web API documentation.

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