MGK Net Worth – Biography, Early Life And career

Who is MGK and what is his net worth? MGK is an acronym for machine gun Kelly and as of 2022, machine gun Kelly has a reported net worth of roughly up to $10 million. He is 30 years old and his country of origin is the United States of America. If you would love to find out more about MGK, you will have to continue reading the content of this post.

MGK Net Worth

MGK Net Worth

Machine gun Kelly (MGK) is an American actor and rapper who hails from Cleveland Ohio. The rapper pursued a musical career when he was just a teenager and also released his very first mix tape in 2006. And as of today, the actor and professional rapper is wildly successful in the industry. He is also one of the most looked up to rappers in the industry ta the moment according to survey.

All through his career. Machine gun Kelly has worked with various types of artists and this is including the likes of Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, and Wiz Khalifa.

Early Life

The rapper MGK was born as Colson Baker on the 22nd day of April 1990 in Houston. The rapper and his family soon would change locations. MGK and his family even lived in abroad countries such as Egypt and Germany and in the states, they lived in Denver, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Machine gun Kelly however settled in Denver together with his father after his mother left home. The pair moved in with MGK’s aunt. He attended Hamilton middle school. In this school, he was bullied due to his father’s troubles with depression.

MGK began rapping in the 6th grade. He continued to state that three rappers initially inspired him to join the hip-hop culture as a child and they are Eminem, Ludacris ad DMX. When it came to life at home for machine gun Kelly, things were unstable.

The rapper would at most times fight with his dad and at the time he attended Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School, his father moved to Kuwait to work and in the process left him behind to live with his aunty in her basement.

However, machine gun Kelly and his father moved to Cleveland where the rapper attended Shaker Heights high school. MGK later convinced a local t-shirt shop owner to be his manager. The shop owner also doubled as an MC Manager.


The rapper was given his stage name ‘machine gun Kelly’ by his fans due to his fast style of delivery. He dropped his very first mix-tape which he titled ‘stamp of approval’. The mix-tape however helped made a dent in the industry and got him popularity within the industry.

Machine gun Kelly was still struggling with hard times even though he was producing mix-tapes and gaining a huge fan base. He was on the verge of almost being evicted from his apartment and had to work at Chipotle in order to pay his bills.

The lace-up mix tape was released a few years later. Through this mixtape, MGK showed that he has a lot of love for Cleveland, and for the very fact he gained popularity in his city very quickly. And soon, he started to record full studio albums and therefore rose to stardom.


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