Blueface Net Worth – How Much Is The Rapper Worth

Who is Blueface and what is his net worth? Blueface is one of the many American-born professional rappers and as of this writing, the rapper is 23 years old. To learn more about his early life and career, continue reading the content of this article.

Blueface Net Worth

Blueface Net Worth

The net worth of Blueface as of 2022 is estimated to be around $4 million. And now that’s out of the way, here is a question for you. Who is Blueface? Blueface is an American rapper and a songwriter that hails from Los Angeles. The rapper is famously known for his song ‘respect My Crypn’ which gave him fame and also made him a viral internet meme.

Early Life

Jonathan Michael porter who is popularly known as Blueface was born on the 20th day of January 1997 in Los Angeles California. He grew up in mid-city in west Los Angeles. At the time he attended various elementary schools before finally moving in with his mom in Santa Clarita valley.

After the rapper settled down as a young boy in san Fernando valley, he attended Arleta high school and then joined the football team and became a starting quarterback in 2014, standing at g’4” and also weighing 160lbs.


Jonathan porter has a very interesting career as he broke through into the rap scene in 2017. Initially, he started out by posting songs on Instagram and iCloud. And soon he took the stage name ‘Blueface Bleedem’ and also released his very first song titled “deadlocs’.

Blueface released his very first EP which he titled ‘famous Cyrpn’ in 2018 featuring other hits such as ‘Fucced Em’ and ‘Freak B*tch’. The EP received lots of positive accolades and gained millions of online plays.

Blueface got more recognition at the time he released a video for his song ‘respect my crypn’ through worldstarhiphop’s YouTube channel. After, the video was posted on Twitter the place it became viral. The rapper signed a deal with cash money west in 2018. A few months later, he got another viral hit after previewing another of his new track ‘bleed it’.

The music video of the song was soon released and it was shared on the lyrical lemonade YouTube channel where it gained over two million views in just 24 hours.


Rapper Blueface has been getting the attraction of his audience with his unconventional style of rapping although being new to the industry, the rapper has collaborated and worked with some of the best and most famous rappers in the industry and this is including the likes of Drake, Quavo and Lil Uzi Vert. as of 2022, the net worth of the rapper is estimated to be roughly up to $4 million.



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