Meta, Twitter, and T-Mobile all Cancel Their CES 2022 Plans in Vegas

Meta, Twitter, and T-Mobile all cancel their CES 2022 plans in Vegas due to the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO of T-Mobile was supposed to present the keynote presentation of the event scheduled for Las Vegas.

Meta, Twitter, and T-Mobile all Cancel Their CES 2022 Plans in Vegas

Meta, Twitter, and T-Mobile all Cancel Their CES 2022 Plans in Vegas

T-Mobile is exiting CES 2022 on account of COVID-19 worries, the organization said Tuesday, with CEO Mike Sievert at this point not planning to convey a feature show either face to face or for all intents and purposes. Meta and Twitter came to a similar choice, it was reported Tuesday. CES is set to occur during the primary seven-day stretch of January, in Las Vegas.

The tech company, T-Mobile however said that it will “significantly limit” its number of attendees at the proposed CES and also that it will remain as a sponsor of the event.

T-Mobiles Response to the Withdrawal from the CES Event

“We are prioritizing the safety of our team and other attendees with this decision,” a carrier from the company said in a statement. “T-Mobiles entire team looks forward to an in-person CES 2023, which we hope includes an on-stage keynote in front of a live audience.”

Other Companies to Pull Out Of the Event

Pinterest, Meta, Amazon, and Twitter have all also pulled out of attending the CES event in person. Nvidia on the other hand said that it has been “cautious from the start” in regards to the event.

A spokesperson from Nvidia in a statement told CNET via email that “(Nvidia) is scheduled to deliver its CES virtual special address on Jan. 4 at 8 am Pacific Time.”

Meta’s Response in Regards to the CES Event

“Out of abundance of caution and care for our employees, we won’t be attending CES in-person due to the evolving public health concerns related to COVID-19,” Meta conveyed. Although the organization said that it will still take part in the event virtually.

Twitter’s Response

“At Twitter, we hold the safety and health of our people and our partners as our #1 priority. With that in mind, due to the spike in COVID cases across the country in the past week, we have decided to cancel out in-person presence at the CES next month.” Twitter said.

Amazons Response

In an emailed statement, citing the safety and health concerns of its employees, a spokesperson from Amazon said that “due to the quickly shifting situation and uncertainty around the omicron variant, we will no longer have an on-site presence at CES.” Ring which is the home security subsidiary of amazon delivered an identical statement via their spokesperson.

The Reason for the Change of Plans in Regards To the CES Event

The choices follow the US arriving at the dismal achievement last seven-day stretch of 800,000 COVID-19 passing’s, as indicated by numbers from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. With the development of the exceptionally infectious omicron variation – – which is presently the predominant strain of COVID-19 in the US – – cases are quickly on the ascent once more.

The Consumer Technology Association said it feels that with inoculation and concealing prerequisites, accessibility of COVID-19 tests, and lower participation and social removing measures, the occasion can continue.

CES 2022 Date

The CES event will continue virtually and in person from the 5th of January to the 8th of the same month 2022.


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