TSA Checkpoints to Begin Supporting Apple Wallet IDs in February

TSA checkpoints to begin supporting Apple Wallet IDs in February. When Apple was said to introduce its restructured Apple Wallet in June, the company said it was making preparations to make sure we could use it to get through airport security.

TSA Checkpoints to Begin Supporting Apple Wallet IDs in February

Now it is been said that words have been gotten from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on precisely when that will happen.

In accordance with an event recap from the Secure Technology Alliance, TSA is planning to support Apple Wallet IDs in two airports this coming February.

If it proves to be successful, the test will extend to airports in two more states the following month. The Apple Wallet is the first digital ID that the TSA will accept (not counting privately run pre-check programs like Clear), it is expected that the program will expand to other platforms in the future.

TSA Checkpoints to Begin Supporting Apple Wallet IDs in February

“Rather than the TSA staff examining a physical ID card, manually comparing a traveler’s ID photo to their face, and verifying flight information, a machine will automate the process,” the recap explains.

“Travelers will simply tap an NFC reader or use a QR scanner to initiate the data exchange. A TSA staff member will be present to oversee and validate the verification process.”

At WWDC 2021, Apple declared its plans to expand Apple Wallet to shield conventional ID cards like state drivers’ licenses, which are said to be encrypted and stored in the secure enclave as part of the process.

The fresh system also is in support of the hotel keys and was the subject of a partnership with Hyatt earlier this month.

The State driver’s licenses are still the most common form of personal identification in the United States today, but their combination with Apple’s system has been kind of controversial.

In November, CNBC reported on the company’s contracts with the states, which place a significant administrative burden on local DMVs and leave Apple discretion over key portions of the project.

What is TSA?

The agency TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and TSA jobs were created under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.

The TSA’s role is to pass policies to travelers and also assist in enhancing airport security among travelers. A large part of its efforts centers on recruiting and hiring to fill TSA jobs as the agency continues to expand.


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