Meta Project Nazare Is Facebook’s Real AR Glasses

Meta Project Nazare Is Facebook’s Real AR Glasses. One major announcement that was received from the CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg this week was concerning a pair of augmented reality glasses. The hardware was in development at what is this week Facebook and Oculus. Now, they are currently under the Meta brand umbrella – and they so happen to be presenting an all-encompassing universe in which we would all live virtually. This would be made possible with the help of Project Nazare.

Meta Project Nazare Is Facebook’s Real AR Glasses

Meta Project Nazare Is Facebook’s Real AR Glasses

At the starting of this year, Facebook announced that they would be working with Ray-Ban. They created Ray-Ban stories, a pair of glasses that would be able to capture pictures. During the announcing of Ray-Ban stories, it almost seemed like they prepared a half-step toward real-deal augmented reality glasses.

Facebook and Oculus Working on AR glasses

Rumors from the previous year came up with the suggestion that Facebook and/or Oculus were working on real AR glasses, but they did not materialize in any significant way before now. in Facebook Connect 2021, Zuckerberg spoke about Project Nazare, a pair of glasses that would fit AR Visuals inside.

The glasses are expected to include “hologram displays, batteries, projectors, radios, custom silicon chips, cameras, speakers, sensors to map the world that is around you, and more.” These glasses happen to be in development now and are aimed at appearing approximately 5mm thick. A lot might actually just change between now and the point at which Project Nazare is prepared for public viewing.


In a few years to come, we would be seeing a Meta pair of augmented reality glasses available for public purchase and use. It is more likely that we would be expecting a couple of other similar pieces of hardware released by Meta right before then – with virtual reality as the major presentation and goal.

Meta’s future has the metaverse as their ultimate goal. Meta seems to want to be the company that offers the Facebook of the metaverse – the place that we head to and acquire tools that we can use because everyone else would be making use of them, basically. Cross your fingers someone else gets to get an open-source and makes the metaverse open and free just right before Zuckerberg.


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