Massachusetts EBT Card Guide: How to Get an EBT Card and PIN

We will be discussing today “Massachusetts EBT Card Guide”. The EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer) is how the DTA distributes its major services like food and economic assistance. Once you are eligible and qualified for the food benefits through the SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program). These benefits can be accessed through an EBT card. The card looks similar to the normal credit and debit card. Your benefits are kept safe in an account until you want to make use of them. The EBT card gives you easy and secure access to your SNAP benefits. Once you are approved by the state for the benefits, you will be issued an EBT card. The EBT card can be used to buy food items from most groceries and other retail stores that accept the card. To get more information about the Massachusetts EBT card just read down, because this article is for you.

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Massachusetts EBT Card Guide

Massachusetts also has a photo EBT card which requires a photo by law. The use of photo identification, on the front of the EBT card. The photo from your driver’s license or other ID issued by the state can be used. Should in case you don’t have one, time will be scheduled at your convenience for you to go to a DTA office to take a photo. Although, you can still receive your stamp benefits while waiting to have your picture taken. You are exempted from the photo EBT requirements if you are 18 years and below, 60 years and above, blind, homeless, a victim of domestic violence, prevented by your religion, getting the benefits for another person, but yourself.

How to Know and Pay in Stores That Accept EBT Card

Below are some guidelines on how to know and pay in stores that accept the EBT card, because not all stores accept the card;

  • Firstly, look for stores that have the Quest logo on the door or window.
  • When you are done buying, at the checkout, swipe your EBT card on the POS
  • Enter your secret PIN on the keypad, then press the enter button
  • Tell the cashier the amount to enter or better still enter it yourself
  • Check your receipt given to you to make sure the amount on the EBT receipt given to you is the same as what you purchased at the grocery store.
  • For more information on stores that accept EBT cards in Massachusetts visit this link;

Take note, you are only permitted to purchase eligible food items with your EBT card as you will be penalized for otherwise.

How to Get an EBT Card and PIN

Your EBT card is usually mailed to you unless you apply in person. You won’t have any benefits on your EBT card until your case is approved. DTA will make sure you are issued an EBT card before your case is approved, and the card should be issued 7 days from your application date. If you are lucky to be eligible and an EBT card has not yet been issued to you. Contact Legal Services if DTA doesn’t issue you the EBT card on time for you to make use of your benefits when it’s already approved. You could also visit this link for more details on your EBT card PIN;

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