Mario Kart Tour to Stop Receiving New Content in the Coming Month

Mario Kart Tour to stop receiving new content in the coming month. What does this mean for the much-loved game? It simply means that the game may just be crossing the finish line, that is if the reports are true.

Mario Kart Tour New Content

Mario Kart Tour New Content

It has now been confirmed that the Mario Kart game, Mario Kart Tour will no longer be getting new content from the coming month, which is just the week after it turns four years old.

As reported by VGC, Nintendo has now confirmed that there will be no new courses, drivers, gliders, or even karts added to the game beyond Wednesday, October 4. And from this date, the game’s ‘tours’ will make use of recycled content from older tours, instead of just including anything new.

“Thank you for playing the Mario Kart Tour game. This message is to notify you about the tours that are scheduled for the future,” the message states (shared by Twitter user @OatmealDome).

It continues: “From [Wednesday, October 4] on, tours will consist of content from tours that have appeared before. Note: No new courses, drivers, karts or gliders will be added following the Battle Tour starting [Wednesday, October 4]. We hope you continue to enjoy playing Mario Kart Tour.”

Other Nintendo-Published Mobile Games to Stop Getting Support

Mario Kart Tour as you should know is not the first Nintendo-published mobile game to stop getting support. Prior to this, the company reportedly shut down the Tomodachi Life spinoff, Miitomo, as well as the match-three game on the other hand, Dr. Mario World just two years after their respective releases to the public. The action RPG Dragalia Lost on the other hand was also closed, four years after its release. However, the Mario Kart Tour in question will remain available to download and play, unlike the aforementioned three titles which were permanently closed altogether.

Other Titles to Still Get New Content

Meanwhile, the AR mobile game Pikmin Bloom from 2021 continues to get new content, as do Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes from 2017. And just as VGC points out, it was just recently reported by that Fire Emblem Heroes earns close to $5 million per month, and that said, it is the most successful mobile game of Nintendo.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Is Set To Receive Its Sixth and Final Wave of DLC of the Year

Away from all that and in other Mario Kart news, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is also set to receive its sixth and final wave of DLC just before the end of the year. Its most recent wave for those that don’t know, the Wave Five, came out on July 12.



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