Macqueen Scholarship 2024 at the University of Edinburgh, UK (Up to £750 Grant Annually)

The Macqueen Scholarship for Postgraduates at the University of Edinburgh is a remarkable opportunity for aspiring researchers to explore the intricate dynamics of single-parent households. Supported by the Julie-Ann Macqueen Trust, this scholarship aims to enrich the field of social work research by shedding light on the experiences of sole caregivers.

Macqueen Scholarship

In this page, we will explore the intricacies of the Macqueen scholarship, including its benefits, eligibility criteria, application process, and more.

Macqueen Scholarship Overview

The Macqueen Scholarship is a prestigious award designed to advance postgraduate research in the field of social work, specifically focusing on the challenges faced by single caregivers in one-parent households.

Supported by the Julie-Ann Macqueen Trust, this scholarship provides invaluable support to scholars undertaking innovative research aimed at enhancing the quality of life for individuals in our communities.

Study Area

The primary focus of the Macqueen Scholarship revolves around conducting research in postgraduate social work programs, with a particular emphasis on understanding the experiences and difficulties encountered by single caregivers in one-parent households.

In exploring this critical area of study, scholars have the opportunity to contribute meaningful insights to the field of social work and drive positive change within our communities.

Award Value

The Macqueen Scholarship offers a full package of benefits to successful candidates, including:

  • Full tuition fees coverage at the UK, EU, or Overseas level.
  • A stipend set at the UKRI level for 2024/25, providing financial support to scholars throughout their academic journey.
  • An annual research grant of £750, empowering scholars to pursue their research endeavors.
  • The award duration spans three years for full-time students or six years pro-rata for part-time students, ensuring ample time for scholars to conduct in-depth research and make significant contributions to the field.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Macqueen Scholarship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

Submission of two distinct applications:

  • Application for admission to the Ph.D. program in social work.
  • Application for the Macqueen PhD Scholarship.

Fulfillment of all required documents, including:

  • Submission of application documents through the MyEd account for the Ph.D. program.
  • Uploading necessary files through the scholarship system for the Macqueen PhD Scholarship.

How to Apply

The application process for the Macqueen Scholarship is easy, it  involves the following steps:

  • Submit an application for admission to the Ph.D. program in social work through the designated platform.
  • Complete the application for the Macqueen PhD Scholarship, ensuring all required documents are uploaded through the scholarship system.
  • Keep track of any updates or additional documents required for either application and submit them promptly through the MyEd account.

For more detailed information and guidance on the application process, applicants can visit the official website of the University of Edinburgh at

Assessment Process and Results

  • Upon receiving scholarship applications, Postgraduate Advisors and Subject Area academics will conduct an initial screening assessment to identify the strongest candidates.
  • Shortlisted candidates will then proceed to the next stage, where the Macqueen selection panel, comprised of esteemed academics in the Social Work subject area, will evaluate their applications.
  • Results will be communicated to candidates via email, with successful awardees given seven calendar days to respond to the scholarship offer.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications for the Macqueen Scholarship is Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 23:59 GMT.

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