List Of Organizations For Support Of International Students

Speaking of List Of Organizations For Support Of International Students, The international student organization is a student-led association that helps to supports and connects international students from a wide variety of countries. They are dedicated to promoting diversity and establishing international relationships with the Anderson University Campus community.

List Of Organizations For Support Of International Students

For those international students who are preparing to study abroad experience, this article would be helpful to you. However, I will be sharing with you some of the lists of organizations that support international students.

List of Organizations for Support of International Students

The international student organization is primarily engaged in the development of activities and events that meet the needs of Anderson University’s growing international community.

They also interact with faculty, administration, staff as well as the local community to assist students in developing professional networking opportunities and friendships outside of the classroom.

Below are the top organizations that support international students:

The Student Unions

Student unions also help international students, they offer support for students who experience discrimination or need help. They are bodies that are usually independent of their universities and in most cases are affiliated with the National Union of Students.

They usually have officers dedicated to LBGTQ, interfaith and international students, amongst others.

Student Minds

The student minds are based on student wellbeing and mental health and share student experiences of mental health difficulties. They also provide resources that can improve their mental health.

They give links to charities, run groups on campus, and produce articles that offer tips on staying mentally healthy at the university and helplines.

British Council

The British Council helps you to get practical information and insights on UK education for international students. It is because this is where students get to understand the process of applying to universities in the UK.

It is also the avenue through which students get informed of available scholarships and are directed to approved agents in their countries that can be used to help them apply to universities in the UK.

Your university’s international Office

This department may also coordinate activities and events for international students. The international office will have a separate page or even a separate website where they list all their services and how you can get in touch with them.

The special team can provide advice on immigration, employment, funding, academic and personal matters.


The UKCISA operates a helpline, lobbies the government on issues affecting international students, and runs a student ambassador program aimed at continually improving how international students are supported.

International education is a very important sector of every economy. It makes it absolutely necessary for stakeholders to be at the forefront of affairs ensuring that issues affecting international Student affairs come to play.

Great British Magazine

The team behind the magazine are former international students so they cover topics that they know are of interest and helpful to overseas students.

The Great British is a digital magazine that helps students who are interested in studying in the UK decide whether it is the best place for them and provides insights about life as a student in the UK. Further research can be done on Google.


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