Lenovo Exec Promises a Huge Percentage of Its Devices Will Be Consumer-Repairable By the Year 2025 

Lenovo exec promises a huge percentage of its devices will be consumer-repairable by the year 2025. Well, this news is just coming to light and we will have to wait till the said time to know if really the company is serious about its promise. And just maybe, the firm is finally serious about going the Framework route.

Lenovo Devices Will Be Consumer-Repairable

Lenovo Devices Will Be Consumer-Repairable

Lenovo at first, only seemed casually jealous of the modular repairable laptops of Framework as it initially sent a cease-and-desist over a Framework power button, then it further unveiled its very own modular concept laptop that is dubbed Project Aurora with no promise to actually build such a thing in the future.

But it however looks like the ThinkPad and Motorola owner might actually be finally serious about ramping up repairability. “More than 80 percent of our devices will be able to be repaired at the customer,” Lenovo executive Luca Rossi revealed to the Canalys EMEA Forum 2023, as per The Register.

“Batteries, SSD, many things will not any longer be sealed into the product but will be available for the customer to be to repaired on site and then save a lot of waste,” he reportedly stated.

Various Companies Have Suddenly Increased Their Efforts on Reparability and Sustainability

Lenovo as you should know is just one of many companies that have just suddenly increased their efforts on reparability as well as sustainability, and it isn’t even coming out of the goodness of the hearts of companies, the economic and political climate has changed dramatically and swiftly.

Apple reportedly went from vehemently and sneakily lobbying against right-to-repair bills directly to supporting those efforts suddenly. Prominent right-to-repair advocates revealed back in 2022 that Samsung and Google were reportedly convinced when they saw a shift in consumer behavior at the time combined with the imminent threat of legislation.

World Governments Can Now Force Companies to Change Their Products

In 2023, it is really no longer just a threat. The European Union on its end has just recently shown that it has the power to force firms to change their products as this is the reason we now have a USB-C port on the iPhone 15 device. And next, it just may force smartphone manufacturers in the industry to make their batteries very much easy to replace. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Well, I really cannot wait.



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