Latest Free Samsung Update Turns Your Handset To A Better Camera Phone

The latest free Samsung update turns your handset into a better camera phone. Samsung now reportedly has a new editing app.

Latest Free Samsung Update Turns Your Handset To A Better Camera Phone

Latest Free Samsung Update Turns Your Handset To A Better Camera Phone

If you have a Samsung phone, then you should know that there are now more options for you to take great pictures on your mobile smartphone. And guess what, it doesn’t cost you a dime. The tech company recently has just unveiled a new application known as Galaxy Enhance-X. With this very app, you can download it on Samsung smartphones making use of the galaxy store. The app is free and you will need a space of up to 123 MB on your device which is not that much considering.

What is The Galaxy Enhance-X App

The Galaxy Enhance-X app is both an editing app and an AI upscaling app. That being said, it has a range of functions to help you effectively increase the fidelity of your photos. The pap can upscale the quality and resolution of a photo, take away imperfections in a scene, allows for conventional edits such as the brightness and HDR adjustments, and also fix all blurry elements present in an image.

The galaxy Enhance-X mobile app is Samsung’s own mobile version of Photoshop in a way. The app allows you to fix faux pas in your shots in ways that the built-in gallery app or even Google photos cannot. Also, the app is a new worthwhile-looking free alternative to a host of powerful paid apps and in the process saving you money without getting to miss out on functionality.

Many Samsung phones out there are already great for mobile photography, so you might not even get to make use of the app as there will be no issues with the shots you take if taken straight out of the camera app. But if however, if you do, this app could effectively help you with that.

The App Is Also Good For Non-Samsung Photos

The Enhance-X app also works with just any photo on your Samsung phone and not just the ones captured with your device’s camera. That being said, it could actually be a really good tool for fixing grainy pictures that you may have transferred from other devices.


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