Kindle Paperwhite Kids – An ideal Tech Gift for Young Bookworms

It’s not screen time; it’s time for tech-enhanced reading. Searching for the ideal gift for a young book enthusiast? Look no further!

Kindle Paperwhite Kids
Kindle Paperwhite Kids

Consider the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition – a straightforward e-reader designed specifically for kids. It boasts durability, water resistance, and a glare-free screen for easy reading in any environment. Plus, it comes preloaded with a comprehensive collection of age-appropriate books through Amazon Kids+.

Specifications for the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition

E-readers have evolved significantly since my early-aughts original Nook, notorious for its delicate display that could dramatically fail with a mere touch. (Although I considered it the coolest thing ever.)

Priced at $169.99, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids features a 6.8-inch glare-free display. Unlike older tablets that might struggle in bright light, this e-reader is designed for optimal use in various lighting conditions. Additionally, its adjustable brightness makes it suitable for nighttime reading.

The glare-free display left a strong impression. It mimics an open paper book effectively, and I could read effortlessly in both bright sunlight and darkness.

Being waterproof adds an extra layer of durability, making it resilient to accidental drops in the pool, making it an even more reliable option for kids.

So, what sets this apart as the Kids Edition? Firstly, it includes two playful cases to suit kids of all ages: robot dreams or trees. Alternatively, your child or avid sticker collector could opt for a plain black case.

With your purchase, you get a complimentary one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ (usually $2.99/month for both Prime members and non-members), granting access to a vast collection of kid-friendly books. If you have other Amazon devices, it also provides access to kid-friendly apps, games, and videos.

Lastly, you receive Amazon’s 2-year worry-free guarantee. If the device breaks within two years of purchase, you can obtain a free replacement.


Before buying a Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition, it’s crucial to understand that it’s not a tablet but solely an e-reader. This means no games, no video, no browser, and a fully black-and-white screen.

With an Amazon Kids+ membership, it provides access to a comprehensive library of kid-friendly books and includes a feature called Vocabulary Builder.

The Vocabulary Builder lets your child check word definitions while reading. Every time they look up a word, it automatically becomes a flashcard in the Vocabulary Builder tool. They can then use these flashcards to become more familiar with the words.

On the Paperwhite Kids, your kid can achieve fun milestones, such as “On a Roll” for reading 100 pages or “It’s Over 9000!” for reading 10,000 pages.

If you don’t have an Amazon Kids+ subscription, you’ll need to actively find content for your child to read. Consider Kindle Unlimited, priced at $9.99 per month for both Prime members and non-members. It grants access to thousands of books without additional charges, but you can also buy Kindle books without a subscription.

Set up a child profile exclusively for the Kindle to ensure only you can buy books. This lets you assign purchased Kindle books directly to the child’s profile, keeping them separate from your books and preventing any accidental purchases on their device.

I find the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition to be a great option for enthusiastic young readers. The only small drawback I’ve noticed is the inability to lock the screen in portrait mode, as some books, especially those designed for younger children, are only accessible in landscape.

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Since my kindergartener is just beginning to read, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition, focusing solely on books, isn’t something he can use on his own at the moment. However, he enjoys exploring picture books on his Fire tablet, which provides age-appropriate and educational games and videos in full color.

He enjoys exploring picture books on his Fire tablet, which provides age-appropriate and educational content like games and videos, all in full color. For younger kids not yet reading independently, I genuinely believe the Fire tablet, especially the Fire HD 8 Kids priced at $139.99 with a free year of Amazon Kids+ and a kid-friendly case, would be a better buy. It’s $20 cheaper than the Paperwhite Kids.

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