Keychron’s Lemokey L3 Keyboard Is Aimed Directly at Gamers 

Keychron’s Lemokey L3 premium keyboard is aimed directly at gamers. The very first keyboard under its gaming-focused brand is reportedly coming with a 2.4GHz dongle that should really make for a more responsive wireless keyboard and gamers are really hyped for it.

Keychron’s Lemokey L3 Keyboard

Keychron’s Lemokey L3 Keyboard

Keychron is now launching a new keyboard on Kickstarter today that is notable for being the very first under its newly announced gaming-focused Lemokey subbrand. The Lemokey L3 as you should know will be available through the Kickstarter running through this month, and Keychron on the other hand expects it to ship in the later parts of this year. Prices begin at $209 for a fully assembled model, or $189 on the other hand for a barebones model without the switches or even keycaps.

Fundamentally, the Lemokey L3 in question is a modified version of Keychron’s existing Q3 Pro, which is a tenkeyless wireless keyboard that is equipped with a volume dial as well as four programmable macro buttons. What distinguishes the Lemokey L3 however, aside from its slightly different look, is that of the inclusion of a 2.4GHz USB dongle, which lets the keyboard to be utilized wirelessly with a 1,000Hz polling rate. In contrast, the Q3 Pro only supports Bluetooth for wireless connections only, which as you should know maxes out at a much less responsive 90Hz.

What Keychron’s Lemokey L3 Keyboard Means to Gamers

In practice, that should simply mean that the Lemokey L3 will feel almost as responsive to make use of wirelessly as it does wired so long as you are connected through its 2.4GHz dongle. Otherwise, it still gets to support Bluetooth (it can remember connections for up to three different devices) as well as it does good old-fashioned USB.

At this point however, it is worth pointing out that while this is the initial time that Keychron is offering a 1,000Hz polling rate wirelessly, the said feature prior to this has been available on keyboards from more gaming-focused brands such as Razer. Corsair on the other hand even offers a 2,000Hz wireless polling rate on its K100 Air.

Specs and Features

And just like the Q3 Pro, Keychron’s Lemokey L3 in question comes with durable double-shot PBT keycaps, although, in the L3’s case, they make use of a more traditional (in the world of keyboards at least) Cherry profile rather than the Keychron’s retro-style KSA. The four macro keys that are to the left of the L3’s keyboard are also square rather than just the regular rectangular like seen on the Q3 Pro.


The Lemokey L3’s specs otherwise are largely in line with the existing wireless Q Pro keyboards of Keychron. It makes use of a gasket-mount design that should offer a premium typing feel, has a really solid aluminum case as well as RGB lighting, and it is customizable all thanks to its hot-swappable switches.

There is however also support for remapping simply by using QMK / VIA, which is just how you get to control what those macro buttons and dial that are on the left side of the board do. The Lemokey L3 as you should know has a 4,000mAh battery just like the Q3 Pro which on the other hand is rated for 200 hours of usage over 2.4GHz if you get to leave its RGB off. That is slightly less than the 300 hours the Q3 Pro gets to offer through Bluetooth with its backlighting off.

The keyboard finally is available with both US (ANSI) and EU (ISO) layouts, but the Kickstarter as you should know only has the ISO layout available in a barebones configuration without the switches or even keycaps.



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