Kentucky State University Graduate Programs – Application Process

Kentucky State University Graduate Programs. The Master of Science in Computer Science program now happens to offers students the chance to put together a sound foundation and a professionally-oriented computer science education with the applied and the in-demand skills that are required for today’s careers in technology.

Kentucky State University Graduate Programs

The Master’s program has been designed to be flexible enough in other to accommodate the needs of the students that have completed their undergraduate degree in computer science and are looking forward to taking the education further. And those that are in possession of a degree in areas aside from computer science that are looking to broaden their education in the discipline. All the graduate programs available are offered online or in the evenings.

Kentucky State University Graduate Programs options

Kentucky State University graduate programs options which is the M.S. in Computer Science happen to offers two programs’ options:

Students get to elect in other to finish either program as ‘Thesis’ or ‘Non-Thesis’. The non-thesis track requires the completion of either 6 hours of COS796 (project), or additional electives.

Admission Plans

Students would receive admissions into any of the two plans available. They include:

  • Plan A: Students that are in possession of a Computer Science undergraduate degree may skip the Foundation course and start a core course right upon being admitted (30 hours total).
  • Plan B: Students that do not have a computer science undergraduate degree are required to complete the foundation courses (9 hours) before taking core courses (39 hours total).

All the program requirements are expected to get completed within a period of 3 years of initial admission (at full-time status) or 4 years (at part-time Status), Unless otherwise approved by the computer science graduate students Coordinator.


Both the Cybersecurity and information Engineering options need the following core classes (3 hours each, 15 hours in total):

  • COS 506: Advanced Programming & Data Structures
  • COS 515: Advanced Database Management System
  • COS 536: Software Engineering
  • COS 570: Advanced Computer Architecture and Software
  • COS 585: Information Security

The Foundation courses available for all those that are in possession of a non-computer science undergraduate degree includes:

  • COS 502: Computer Science Foundation I (Introduction to Programming)
  • COS 504: Computer Science Foundation II (Discrete Mathematics)
  • COS 505: Computer Science Foundation III (OS Design)

Application Process

The admission to the graduate program is based on evidence that the candidate has acquired a certain minimum level of academic proficiency. Admission requirements further include:

  • good undergraduate academic standing
  • transcripts
  • GRE scores and three (3) letters of recommendation from undergraduate teachers
  • or current employers if working in the field of technology

Candidates are expected to assume their responsibility for providing complete admission data. Each of the prospective students is expected to submit a completed and signed application form with a non-refundable fee of $30 USD ($100 for international applicants).


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