Jason Momoa Goes Berserk In the Second Trailer for Fast X

Jason Momoa goes berserk in the second trailer for Fast X as he obliterates the Vatican. The second trailer for the 10th movie in the Fast and Furious franchise just adds on more wild action scenes and pieces, and this time around things just go out of control.

Second Trailer for Fast X

Second Trailer for Fast X

As you already should know, the Fast and Furious franchise is all about family. But even at that, it is also very much about fast and enormous action set pieces that could make Tom Cruise say ‘neat’. And in the just-released second trailer for Fast X which is the 10th installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, Jason Momoa appears to surprisingly blow up the Vatican, well at least to some people and not him.

What Was Shared In the Fast X Second Trailer?

I really don’t want to spoil things for you as it is a trailer that lasts for two minutes and 36 seconds, and it is right that you watch it yourself. But you should know that it is a very wild and unexpected method of exploding that I haven’t imagined possible in a live-action movie before.

Why You Should Be Hyped For the Movie

Personally, I really do not hope that this is one of those situations where the best parts are in the trailer, because this trailer has really got me hyped for the movie Fast X I will be needing some really outlandish types of stunts to top Jason Momoa blowing up the Vatican, really.

When Will the Movie Be Released?

Fast X, the movie will be in theaters on May 19.


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