iPhone Ultra Could Be Released In 2024 According To Reports

iPhone Ultra could be released in 2024 according to reports. The high-end smartphone could be released along with the iPhone 16 lineup, as per Bloomberg reports.

iPhone Ultra Could Be Released In 2024 According To Reports

iPhone Ultra Could Be Released In 2024 According To Reports

Apple could include a new and more expensive iPhone tier to its lineup known as the “Ultra” according to a Bloomberg report on February 5. The new tier of the iPhone would be placed above the Pro and Pro Max iPhone models and could be released alongside the iPhone 16 lineup in 2024, the report stated.

The company already has made use of the Ultra name in differentiating its top-model smartwatch known as the Apple Watch Ultra as well as the top version of its M1 processor. The report added that Apple discussed including an Ultra model iPhone internally but in which manner this very model would be different from the Pro and Pro Max iPhone models besides its obvious price are still unknown at this point of writing.

As per the report, in Apple’s earnings call the previous week, CEO Tim Cook indicated that he believes people are willing to pay more for a better product.

“I think people are willing to really stretch to get the best they can afford in that category,” Tim said according to the report.

Apple to Release the iPhone 15 Lineup This Fall

Apple is already expected to release the iPhone 15 lineup this very fall. And while not much is known about this new lineup, there are rumors and news about what could be added to the new phones. One very interesting rumor is that all new iPhones will have USB-C ports for charging, the European Union ruled back in 2022 that USB-C will now be the universal charging cable for all smartphones beginning in 2024.

Other iPhone 15 Rumors

Another iPhone 15 rumor on the other hand suggests that the prices for all models of the phone will increase. And as of now, the US prices of the iPhone 14 models range from $829 to $1,599.


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